Anupama 29th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Anupama enlightening Anuj concerning Anu’s tremendous schedule and how she wants to update everything herself before she instructs her.

Anuj sits alongside Anupama and hangs tight for her to get free so he can invest some quality energy with her in private.

Anupama laughs out loud on seeing Anuj hanging tight for herself and requests that he rest yet Anuj answers that he is a spouse who can’t rest without his better half.

Out of nowhere, Anupama and Anuj hear Pakhi and Adhik contending with one another as Adhik asks her not to create a situation in regards to what they have seen before.

In any case, Pakhi sees Anupama and Anuj and begins let Anupama know that she has returned in the wake of seeing the illicit relationship sentiment among Dimpy and Tapesh.

Anupama stands paralyzed and asks Pakhi what she is in any event, talking about after which Pakhi says that she and Adhik spotted Dimpy romancing Titu around midnight.

Adhik lets Anupama know that they spotted Dimpy simply conversing with Titu and nothing more which causes Anupama to feel better and she requests that Pakhi restrain her voice.

Pakhi inquires as to whether she is as yet agreeing with Dimpy’s position after the transgressions she has committed and showing what her can do as a characterless individual.

Everybody accumulates in the family room in the wake of hearing Pakhi shout around midnight which leaves Anupama and Anuj baffled.

Leela asks what the make a difference to which Anuj answers that it is something minor however Pakhi uncovers that they have seen Dimpy romancing Titu which leaves Leela paralyzed.

Hearing that leaves Leela frozen in her place while Anupama attempts to persuade Leela that nothing out of sorts has been finished and they ought to trust Dimpy.

Malti Devi places fuel into the fire by saying that Leela and Hasmukh ought to have reconsidered abandoning their young little girls in-regulation in that house.

Pakhi says that Dimpy can do anything she desires in light of the fact that Anupama has her hands on her hand which causes Anuj to blow a gasket and he cautions Pakhi that nobody converses with Anupama like that and he won’t permit her.

Anupama demands everybody to nod off as she will converse with Dimpy the following day when Malti Devi says that they shouldn’t confide in Titu and get the two hitched assuming there are chances of an undertaking.

Leela blows a gasket on catching wind of marriage after which Anupama quiets her down and becomes stressed over the circumstance.

Adhik contends with Pakhi subsequent to coming into their room as she raised a major ruckus in regards to something negligible however Pakhi says that Adhik never figures out her.

Somewhere else, Titu comes to drop Dimpy at her home where Vanraj hangs tight for them at the entryway and shuts the entryway from outside after Dimpy comes inside.

Vanraj holds Titu’s collar and requests that he avoid Dimpy after which he says something very similar to Dimpy however Dimpy lets Vanraj know that she entirely misunderstands not done anything.

End of Anupama the present episode composed update.

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