Anupama 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Maya says to Anupama that it is very easy uestion why she used to meet Anu secretly. She says because of her poverty. Maya says she didn’t had a money to eat thus she didn’t dared to meet Anu. She tells she used to get gifts for Anu on signal. Maya says she never hugged Anu. Anupama stands teary. Maya tells to Anupama that she didn’t have food for several days. She says nothing is bigger than hunger in this word. Maya tells to Anupama about her past story. Anupama stands teary Paritosh dream of becoming successful businessman. He decides for doing catering at events by impressing Maya. Vanraj asks Paritosh why he is sticking so many visiting cards. Paritosh says so that if any card gets missed than other will be there. Kinjal asks Paritosh to stick only two. Paritosh says Kinjal will not understand business. Leela asks Hasmuk what he got for Anu. Hasmuk shows anklet. He says Anu likes the dance. Leela says she got the enevelope ready. Hasmuk asks Leela why she is excited to go to Anu’s house. Leela says Anu has invited them. Hasmuk asks Leela to promise she will not create any drama. Leela says this time she will enjoy the drama. Vanraj gazes at Leela.

Maya share with Anupama that no one can separate Anu from her. She says the day she went to get back Anu, she learn someone foster her. Anupama stands stunned. She asks about Anu’s father. Maya says she don’t have anyone other than Anu. Barkha worry Maya and Anupama are team. Ankush says Maya’s game will end soon. Barkha asks Anukush if he know something about Maya. Ankush asks Barkah to wait for the right time. Leela asks Vanraj to stop Kavya from going to London before it gets late.

Anu gets excited to get the gifts. She says birthday decoration is left. Maya says she will do everything. Anupama confront Maya about saying she will do decoration when they have decided to do as a team. Maya says her tongue slipped. She further decides to sleep with Anu. Anuj allows. Maya wonders Anuj allowed her to sleep with Anu and doubts if he learned something.

Anu sees Maya crying and confront. Maya says she regret abandoning her. Anu puts Maya to sleep. Anupama and Anuj spots Anu with Maya and returns back to their room. Anuj gets teary Anupama console. Anu goes to Anuj, Anupama. Maya think Anu might have went to Anuj, Anupama. She sings birthday song seeing Anu’s picture. Maya receives an unknown call. Anuj decide to expose Maya. Maya calls Sushma to help her life before.

Precap: Shahs and Kapadias celebrate Anu’s birthday. Ankush reveals Maya is a salacious woman. Maya slaps Ankush

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