Anupama 31st January 2023 Written Update

Anupama 31st January 2023 Written Update, Anupama sys to Mayaa that she should not bet upon kids but they will do. She says post 15 days if Anu chooses either of the one they will back out. Anupama asks Mayaa if she agrees on the condition. Anupama vows in front of God, if in next 15 days Mayaa failed to make place in Anu’s heart than she will back out from her life. Mayaa takes an oath to win Anu in next 15 days. Both pray in front of God. Mayaa thinks she had only one chance and she will make it. She think in this yuga Lord Krishna will not be with Yashodha. Anupama think she will try to make Anu stays with Yashodha and Nand baba in this yuga too.

Maaya discuss with Anupama about Anu’s birthday. Both Anupama and Mayaa gets excited to celebrate Anu’s birthday. Mayaa shares with Anupama that she will fulfil Anu’s dream. She decide to send Anu to London for dance training as Anu loves dancing. Anupama says that even Anuj has dream Anu’s future. She further feed sweet to Mayaa to make a new start. Anupama gives first aid to Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama why Maaya returned. Anupama says because Mayaa gave birth to Anu. Anuj says Mayaa left Anu.

Anupama gives her support to Anuj. Anuj refuse to trust Mayaa. Anupama tells to Anuj about 15 days challenge between Mayaa and her. Anuj stands stunned on learning. He gets against Anupama’s decision. Anuj fear to lose Anu in 15 days. He refuses to let go Anu at any cost. Anupama tries to console Anuj. Anuj gets afraid. Anupama tells to Anuj about Anu’s birthday. Anuj decide to celebrate with his family. Anupama says with Mayaa too. Anuj refuses. Anupama convinces Anuj and says Anu will celebrate her birthday. Anuj worries about 15 days challenge. Mayaa thinks everything will be fine in net 15 days.

Anuj, Anupama spots Mayaa and Anu doing puja. Anu apologizes to Mayaa for getting mad on her. Mayaa asks Anu to move on. She tells Anu about her real birthday. Mayaa gets stunned when Anu gets excited and hugs Anupama instead of her. Paritosh gets excited to start his new business. Hasmuk asks Paritosh to be ready for the consequences of his business too.

Vanraj asks Kavya where she is going. Kavya tells to Vanraj that she is going to apply for London visa. Anuj and Mayaa argues with each other over Anu. He gets mad at Anupama and Mayaa for giving 15 days’ time to each other. He decide to interfere. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anuj asks Ankush and Barkha to dig Maya’s truth. Anupama and Maya prepares cake for Anu.

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