Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

A jeep stops not long prior to hitting Anuj’s vehicle. Anuj blows up and attempts to escape vehicle to show jeep proprietors a thing or two. Anupama, apprehensive, attempts to stop him. A couple of men peep out of the jeep and point firearm at Anuj. Anuj conceals his face in dread. Pakhi movements to Nandini’s home as Shah family’s neighbor. Adhik tells her its not cool to move there, he had chosen a couple of houses and would have moved there. Pakhi says he ought to be content that she can visit her family whenever and can pay less lease with no financier. Adhik doesn’t get persuaded. She says they won’t move from here and would partake in their special night time span. Adhik trusts she has moved here for her family and he wouldn’t endure on the off chance that she has some other goal.

Thugs giggle in the wake of recoding Anuj’s terrified video and say he will be viral with video. They drive away. Anuj blows up and says social average has spoilt everybody. Anupama says small children have gone frantic such for a couple of supporters. Anuj solaces her and says it was their trick. He says she was correct that his alternate route thought is hazardous and they ought to have gone through principal street. Anupama says he ought to constantly pay attention to his significant other. They begin driving once more.

Leela vapor over Pakhi’s egotism and moving as their neighbor to inconvenience them. Hasmukh says its OK as youngster would require their assistance. Leela says Pakhi would make their life a damnation. Vanraj requests that she quit hollering at Pakhi and says let Pakhi stay before them as neighbors and cautions everybody not to stop Pakhi in the event that she visits them. Adhik calls Leela and apologizes her for Pakhi’s way of behaving. He says she might feel that he is attempting to intrigue her, however he truly didn’t have any desire to move there and guarantees there won’t be any issues from their side. Leela says an individual whom they considered as beast ended up being a holy person and their little girl ended up being a fiendishness, Adhik would understand his error once Pakhi’s fits of rage start. Kinjal and Kavya dread Anuj and Anupama’s response once they get back from excursion.

Toshu solaces Pari. Kinjal checks him out. Kavya sees her and says she realizes Kinjal is stressed that Toshu doesn’t go to work, she ought to address him as a relative and persuade him to accept up any position. Anuj and Anupama notice a recently hitched couple looking for lift. The two of them trust the couple and stop vehicle. A garrulous young lady presents herself as Dimple and her significant other as Nirmit and demands for a lift. Anuj asks where they need to go. Dimple says Nirmit’s town as their transport separated and they pursued a faster route. They keep on talking. Anupama inquires as to whether a jeep didn’t pass before them with oppressive young men. They say they saw no jeep and solicitation to stop any taxi or vehicle on the off chance that they view as any and begin strolling again tragically. Anupama thinks where did the jeep go. Anuj says its great those jeep young men didn’t track down these adolescent or, in all likelihood they would have disturbed them.

Kinjal strolls to Toshu and says he ought to work again to help his loved ones. Toshu says he would rather not face the world and would deal with Pari while she works. Kinjal says he ought to work for this family at any rate. Toshu says he can’t concentrate at work right now. Kinjal offers him to work under her to work outside and face the world. Anuj and Anupama stop their vehicle and let the young people get into their vehicle. The two of them say thanks to them and solicitation to drop them where they can track down a taxi or a transport. Anuj discusses sonnet in this psyche. Toshu consents to work under Kinjal. Kinjal says she has a video meeting now and will examine about it after some time. Toshu lets Pari know that he can rehash anything to recover Pari’s mummy’s trust.

Dimple and Nirmit discuss their marriage and romantic tale. Anuj discusses his and Anupama’s romantic tale. Dimple says their romantic tale isn’t anything before our romantic tale. Anuj says when love is valid, predetermination joins them at any expense. Dimple depicts how they experienced passionate feelings for and their families went against, so they needed to run and wed. Anupama reviews Pakhi’s wedding. Dimple says family left no choice for themselves and didn’t grasp their affection, so they wedded against family’s desire. Anupama says they ought to have persuaded their family, its inappropriate to conflict with their loved ones. She then apologize for remarking on their own lives. Dimple says she is correct and talks.

Precap: Anuj and his gathering stop at a dhabha for food where harmful young men inconvenience them and later assault them on street.

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