Anupamaa 14th Aug : Nandani comes to Shah Niwas.

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode, we saw Devika warns Anu about Van and Kavya’s relationship but Anu pays no heed. She has full faith in Van and says her hubby is best. Kijal comes and all are busy in Janmashtami pooja preparations. Baa calls Kavya also for the pooja. Anu’s mom and brother are not invited. Nandani and Samar meet. Samar is lost. Nandani is Kavya’s niece. She will be living just opposite to Shah Niwas.

Now in today’s episode, we see Samar and Nandani is fighting. Then Nandani enters Shah Niwas the same way as Samar used to sometimes. She enters and catches a falling Anu. She then discloses she is none other than Kavya’s niece and has come here from the US to study classical dance for PhD. Anu asks which teacher she answers. Then they talk about Sitla satmi and for everybody’s surprise, Nandani knows what is it. Samar is shocked and feels weird. Because he never thought. Anu gives keys to Nandani and asks Samar to show her the house.

Nandani says to her mom she loves the house and sees Anu. Kavya and Ani are there and Kavya is hurt so Ani takes care of her. And says he can’t let her go, he loves her a lot and they hugged. Van is not liking all this. Nandani comes to Shah’s house and everybody is happy and Anu asks is she needs something she can tell them. Nandani and Kinjal leave. Van is standing in the balcony. Anu and Van talk about Nandani that they should stay away from her, she has stability issues as her parents are divorced. Anu says her parents have divorced not her and compare with Kavya. Kavya texts Van that she’s not coming. But Van ensures, she comes and that this will be the moment of her life. Anu will call Kavya.

In the upcoming episode we shall see Baa taunts to Kinjal about her clothes and bring her mother in between. Anu says she will get her ready for the occasion. And she will be her mom also and her friend also. Samar says that Anu is soo cool mother in law. Kinjal is happy. To know more about the show keep reading our space and keep watching Anupamaa only on Star Plus.

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