Anupamaa 23 July :- Anu Accepts the Job Offer

Star Plus show Anupamaa Is bringing lots of twists and turns every day. As we saw in the previous episode that Anu is offered a job and also mamaji arrives and makes show a little light, Anu rejects job offer and also Kavya is in full support of Anu.

In today’s episode, its shown Anu Finally accepts the job offer, and she is very happy. Van and Kavya arrive as VS Niwas and Kavya gives encouragement to Anu about the job and that she should accept it. Anu says yes. Anu had a talk with the principal and that she has to make an, Samar says he will help.

Van and Kavya converse about Anu and Van family and Van is quite upset that Kavya started becoming Anu’s best friend, Kavya had a call from her ex-husband and Van is not liking it. Anu’s mom, brother, and niece pays a visit to her and his brother tell us about needing 50K for her mom’s operation. Anu decided she will do her daughter’s job now. Dolly comes to the house and Dolly’s daughter gives Anu a pen from Thailand. Anu signs with the Pen and episodes end.

Now in upcoming updates, you will see how Van said to Anu that his family shouldn’t be suffering or else that would be the last day of her job. Anu decides to collect funds for her mom’s operation. Will Anu makes the right balance.

To know the answer keep reading and watching Anupamaa on Star Plus.

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