Anupamaa 30th July: Anu is in dilema

Star Plus show Anupamaa Is bringing lots of twists and turns every day. As we saw in the previous episode that Anu had a call from the school to come for the inspection as early by 11. Toshi and Van talk about Kinjal and the family. Kavya and Van talk about insecurities.

Now in today’s episode Van says to Anu about the food and that she needs to be prepare now, but she has to go to school for inspection, Van says she didn’t tell him but Anu says she did. Anu says yes at the end, for food preparation and goes to the kitchen and she remembers everything about going to job, all praises, Samar comes to kitchen and helps Anu, everybody is in drawing room talking about delicates, Ba says this is not the time for lunch to Van says this is the time for brunch, Baa leaves for temple and Anu is in kitchen.

She is doing a fab job. At Pakhi school Principal takes care of the inspection and asks for everything done. Then at home, Samar helps Anu with work. The clients arrive and they have a talk. Anu brings pooja thali but Van ignores, Guest loves the food and also wants to meet Anu they praise a lot, Anu is getting late for work. But she stays for the guest then she says she has to leave. Anu is already very late. Samar says Anu to leave asap.
Anu leaves for work after changing.
Episode ends.

Now in the next episode, we shall see Anu arrive late and Principal scolds her and says she’s sorry to give her job. Anu is expelled from the job and shes very heartbroken. She cries a lot that her dreams are shattered.

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