Anupamaa 5th Aug Spolier : Shah family celebrating Rakhi

Star Plus show Anupamaa Is bringing lots of twists and turns every day. As we saw in the previous episodes Anu finally took stand for herself and shows everybody their places And that she’s not a failure. Anu and Van had an argument of how Anu made Kavya an outsider. Rakhi preparation begins at home. Baa brings Rakhi, she brings special silver rakhi for KanhaJi for Van promotion and increment. Kavya is upset.

Now in today’s episode, we see Samar and Varun are in the market and talking about being single and that today is Rakhi so they should be sitting at home. A girl with Rakhi rotating around her fingers comes and stands in front of Samar. Samar is awestruck seeing her beauty. Anu is happy seeing Van happy and all good at her place. Samar and the new girl have a nok jhonk. Then Samar says to Anu after returning home that he had a crush finally but he won’t be talking about it today. As today is RakhaBandhan. Van says to Toshi come and spend time with them and stops talking to his girlfriend. He comes, everybody teases Van also.

All are having a gala time. Pakhi is teased by her brothers, Baa calls Anu for pooja and everybody sings aarti, Kavya calls meenu picks up and the precap scenes repeat. Anu prays to god to keep her family like this joyful and together. Anu’s mom and brother comes to meet them, Van welcomes them, the show ends on Anu prayers. Now in the upcoming episode, we shall see that all are dancing and having fun. Meenu informs Van about Kavya’s call so he calls her back and she tells about Anirudh coming so they can meet today only. As Van talks he turn around and saw Samar standing there, he gets shocked.

Did Samar hear anything ?? and what will Anirudh bring with himself?? To know the answers keep reading our updates and keep on watching Anupamaa on Star Plus.

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