As an actress I am giving them what they like to see; says actress Hansa Singh on her confident social media posts

Actress Hansa Singh, whom we have seen in films like Hunterrr, Goodbye and web series like Criminal Justice 3, has always opened her heart and speaks wisely. She is also someone who is very confident about her physical presence and feels looks and weights have a legitimate impact on people’s mindset.

She says, ”We Asians are a little myopic and have been brought up with certain sad values of looks being the most important thing. So since childhood if one is subjected to it then it’s at times a fight within to look good. And then all media hype of being slim trim , size zero turns it into a war for any individual. The comparison is to weight , skin , colour , body hair etc.”

Hansa also shares how the celebrities deal with all this pressure of looking perfect all the time. “Being a celebrity we have our own battles of constantly looking good. Which consists of a perfect body , face , hair , diction and the list goes on..
I personally have a bad habit of being a person of less makeup look or no make up . I need my skin to breathe. Many of my friends have told me several times not to put any pictures on social media without makeup but I don’t listen to them (smiles) But then me being the nonchalant, unapologetic person, I do post no make up pictures on social media. I am like I should be me all the time. Real.

As far as weight issues are concerned, we can’t blame hormones as they play their own game. So I have gained weight and trust me when it happens that means I am my unhealthy self. Something in my body is not functioning right. Since childhood my figure was my asset. Not my face ( I used to call myself ugly duckling) never used to get clicked. So my body is my temple where I live. It has to be healthy.

So yes even if not in this profession, I would have been the same as far my body weight and health is concerned. I do take care of my body with my eating habits and workouts . No fad diets.“

Do you feel we will ever come to a point where body structure, weight and physical appearance won’t be the first thing that comes to our mind when we meet someone? Or do you feel it’s natural?
Hansa says, ”The first thing we do is with eyes we see a person , now if that person is in good shape and dressed well will automatically make you smile. As the beauty we see first. So it’s just a natural way of life. Good persona is always attractive. All the other things matter only when we know the person. But as an individual I would always suggest people to respect the body you live in.”

People who follow Hansa on her social media page know she is quite open, bold and confident in posting dance reels in revealing dresses with right sensuous expressions. What kind of feedback do you receive on a daily basis?
She adds,”What you say boldly I say confidence. I am an actress and a public figure. I am here to educate , impart and defy certain myths.

It’s a thing of beauty. They say if you have it, flaunt it. So as far my social media posts on Instagram are all about your fans and followers. As an actress I am giving them what they like to see.
All thanks to my Film Hunterrr directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni, it’s an image they have in their mind. It’s said by someone that Shah Rukh Khan and sex sells. Well I believe in being me.

Now you call it sexy , bold etc. I say it is a confidant, elegant post.” But what about trolls? “Well there are so many obnoxious comments. Initially I used to be very sad and angry. But now I am in my ignore mode. My life mantra is to live happily, do whatever you feel like. Gracefully age and be your gorgeous self. The trolls give their introduction, they don’t define me. I have noticed the number game on Instagram the more ( bold ) the more likes.“