Ashlesha Sawant is elated with Share The Load’s milestone achievement of crossing four million hits!

Ashlesha Sawant starrer ‘Share The Load’ has crossed four million hits. The short film is streaming on ‘Content Ka Keeda’, a platform run by Shivankar Arora and Shipra Arora, who has produced the project. While Shivankar is also the director of the film, Shipra has penned the narrative. The actor is on cloud nine given the love and appreciation the film has received.

“I am very happy that my short film has crossed four million hits. It was a very unique concept with age, old, aggressive Saas-bahu drama which is a reality too–NOT CLEAR. This is a story about relationships set in the backdrop of an urban city. This is about a couple who share their work and loads together. By sharing the load, I mean that they share the life they had wanted to live along with the kids and their family. I liked how it portrayed the challenges faced by a working woman and how the mother-in-law stood by her side throughout making her son understand how much he needs to be involved,” she says.

Ashlesha totally relates to the concept. “It’s actually the fault of the mothers of this country that they don’t bring up their son properly. I think they love their sons so much that they forget that they have been through the challenges of being a daughter or a sister or a daughter-in-law themselves. This needs to change, irrespective of one’s gender, everyone will have to share the workload, which includes taking care of their babies to helping with the household chores. I don’t see that in India. My sister and brother-in-law stay in the US and I see them share their workload at home, even though both are busy with their individual jobs. If there’s a party my brother-in-law takes care of with my sister but I can’t relate to it because I’ve not seen this happen much in India, it’s very rare here,” she adds. Sharing her take on relationships, the actor thinks that relationships workout when energies match. And, when it does not it leads to conflicts and breaks the bond. “I just feel that the fewer complications, the better the relationship is. And that is only possible if there is understanding and love,” she says.
Meanwhile, Ashlesha is also a part of Anupamaa. She plays the role of Barkha Kapadia in the hit show. In fact, her performance in it has also grabbed eyeballs. “I am thankful for all the love… It’s a very big show, it’s the most watched show so I really can’t take the credit for it, I just joined the show a couple of months back. I’m happy to be doing my job well and that I’m a part of such an amazing journey. The rest is up to God. I only have gratitude for everything I have,” she smiles. So, what are her career plans? “I want to do a lot of work in all the mediums. I’m very happy that there are barriers being broken in terms of content and medium-related divisions. Today an actor or a creative person doesn’t really need to be limited to a certain medium to excel and showcase their talent so I’m very thankful to be working in such times. I want to make the most of this time and explore the artist in myself to the fullest,” she ends.