Bigg Boss: Life coach and Tarot Card reader Priya Paramita Paul predicts top three

While the current season of Bigg Boss has been doing exceedingly well, it is soon coming to an end. Model, Life Coach, Tarot Card reader, and influencer Priya Paramita Paul predicts who the top three are going to be, as well as tells us a little about her favourite contestants in the house!

Talking about actress Sumbul Touqeer Khan, she says, “The best part about her is that she is doing what she feels is correct. She’s playing her own game. She isn’t getting diverted by how others are playing and behaving. She’s confident which sometimes looks foolish by the viewers and the contestants but that’s the best part and her uniqueness comes out. Sumbul should keep playing the way she is playing right now. This will give her a justifiable chance in her future and in the house. She’s one of the strongest contestants.”

Priya feels that actress Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is also a strong contender. “Priyanka is someone who has a lot of fan following because of her nature. The way she’s portraying herself in the game makes everyone want to talk to her. She has become a wall for every contestant in the house no matter what and that creates the magic of her in the game. She’s also a very strong contestant. The audience loves to see someone who is kind, sweet and caring which is why she gets so much love from everyone,” she says.

Shiv Thakare is also one of Priya’s favourites. “The best part about Shiv is that he can turn the table in a quick second. Things can be in his favour. But he needs to understand that he is trying to be different but not with the game; it is against the game and the people. The uniqueness has to be not by going against but with the people. Shiv has the capacity to turn the table but by being towards it. It might give a twist in his game,” she says.

Talking about Shailin Bhanot’s game, Priya says, “The good part about Shailin is that he takes everything as it is, may it be good, bad, worst, best and also ugly. He’s like a warrior but sometimes he comes out as very diplomatic, neutral or manipulative. It’s a good thing about taking personality when it comes to life but this is a game and the audience will see who you are. Diplomacy doesn’t give a correct result by the audience, some people would like you and some wouldn’t. It created confusion amongst everyone. I would say he must be himself now, don’t be diplomatic, don’t be a warrior, don’t be emotional because it’s high time when you’re close to finals you really need to show who you are to add the twist in your game.”

Tina Datta also has a strong game, says Priya, adding, “The good thing about Tina is that the audience knows her very well because of her good Television shows. She has many fans which is very good. She has emotional and ego issues, which have surfaced in the show. She gets into arguments not only by her voice, by body language and the way she is in the game too. Most of these arguments are being triggered by others. And she easily gets triggered and gets drained by that. That changes the point of view from the fans’ side. She has to understand that she also needs to be with the contestant. To be in a place where she can be manipulated or gets into an unneeded argument would not help her. She has to really work on this then I would say she’ll be a good contestant for the finals.”

Archana Gautam is one of her favourites, and she says, “The best part about Archana is that she is a very bubbly girl. Yes, she is very arrogant while she speaks but she is also cheerful which adds a good energy for the audience who watch her. Wherever there is an emotional moment, she is very emotional, or somewhere where she needs to stand and speak for herself, she always does that. She is very strong in the house and that is why the audience loves her for her bubbly nature. I think Archana keeps going. She is playing very well and she is a very strong contender for finals.”

Of course, MC Stan is winning hearts, says Priya, adding, “Stan is someone who is a conveyor of the group. He always consoles everyone who needs him. He takes care of himself and people too. The problem here is he cares too much which is why, at the end, he gets very drained and, at the end, he has no one to support. He needs a lot of strength, a positive mindset, and a lot of willingness to win. That would start only when he stops consoling everyone. The game doesn’t need counselling, it needs more strength to play the games well to be safe from eviction and to make the audience love you. It is all about balancing. You really need to pull up your trigger and that’s then when you can make it to finals.”

Lastly, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is also playing well, says Priya. “Nimrit is a very nice, matured and wise woman. She has a very nice aura and brings a lot of joy in the group. Just by her presence she brings a lot of joy in the group. Her wisdom sometimes plays against her. There is a term called ego on wisdom. If you are wise, it doesn’t mean you have to flow your wisdom everywhere. You need to get the reality of what, when and where you are representing. You have to balance that. Right now, when you are trying to be the wisdom of the group, or beauty with brains, things might go the wrong way because the audience wants to see you play and start doing what this game requires. That would increase her chances of getting into the finals more,” she says.

Ask her who she thinks will be the top 3, and she says, “My three picks for the finals are Sumbul, Archana, Priyanka!”