Celebrities open up about their bonds with their brothers this Bhai Dooj!

Bhaidooj is around the corner and these celebrities are all set to celebrate it with much fanfare. Here is a little bit about the relationship they share with each other and their plans for the day!

Charrul Malik
My brother, Gaurav and my twin sister, Parul, are close to me. My brother is younger to me but he grew up between two sisters so we have learnt a lot of things from each other. He stays in the US so we only stay in touch through video calls and WhatsApp. He’s planning to get married soon and we might see him next year in the US. He’s very supportive, sweet. He has supported me throughout, he has helped me a lot in my growth by just being there with me. We used to stay together in Delhi. He has always protected me as a brother. He’s a friend and a brother. He’s doing very well and I’m happy for him. And on Bhai Dooj, I wish he gets married to a beautiful girl soon and has a lovely life ahead.

Neelu Kohli
My brother, Bapti Singh, is more of a friend to me than a brother. He’s younger but at times he really behaves like an elder brother. I share a very beautiful bond with him. I have two children and one brother and I always confuse their names because that’s what I consider him to be, my kid.

Hiten Paintal
I have an elder sister. Her name is Mitasha Paintal. She’s very close to me. We had a great childhood. We have travelled the world together. We have had great memories. She treats me like her child. So, she’s extremely protective of me. I love her a lot too. I’m very supportive of her and we are also very similar. Besides this, sometimes siblings can get irritating also. So we have a share of fights. But we love each other a lot. By the end of the day, we know that it is just our parents and us and we are there for each other. So, we have a great bond. Everyone knows how important she is in my life. Bhaidooj is important to us and we celebrate it very nicely. We don’t do a lot of the rituals. But we both somewhere feel that you don’t have to celebrate a ritual to prove to each other or anyone.

Subuhii Joshii
My brother and I have a 7-year age difference But still we have been so thick since when we were young. Tanmay’s role, I would say, is so integral in my life. We never do things which other siblings do, like complaining to mom and stuff, and I think we have always kept each other’s secrets. Also, my mother is a single parent and she lives in Delhi and he lives with my mother. I’m always concerned about my mother as she lives alone and I think he plays a major role in keeping her secure. He keeps me up to date about what’s happening, and how she’s feeling and that’s very important.

Anupama Solanki
I have a good bond with my brother. His name is Anoop Solanki. There is not only a brotherly relationship but both of us are very good friends. Any time there is a problem, he is always with me. Whether I tell my secrets to anyone or not, I definitely tell my brother. Like other friends, my brother is not very strict, He has a very good understanding. Every relationship is based on some condition or the other, but the relationship of a brother and sister is the most loving and unbreakable

Rahul Sharma
I have 2 sisters, one is Rashmi Sharma and second is Sonam Sharma. Both are younger to me and they both have a very special role in my life because they have motivated me in my life so much. Every time I feel that I’m not doing great enough or I feel a lack of energy then I talk to them and it makes me feel better. They inspire me to do things in a very different way and keep me grounded. When I talk to them I feel complete. My sisters are very brave. From Rashmi I have learned braveness, hardworking skills and I have learned that if you have a desire and no matter what the circumstances are, you can achieve anything just like she has done in her life. On the other hand, Sonam inspired me to learn new things. No matter how old you are, you can always learn and improve yourself. You have to be a good human being and be consistent. So these are the lessons that I have learned from my sisters to be something more than what you are.

Hema Sharma
We’re 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My sister’s name is Rajni Sharma and my brothers name is Ravinder and Gajendra Sharma. Bhai dooj is like Rakshabandhan. It’s a festival full of love. We celebrate the bond, relationship between brothers and sisters that day together by following all the rituals. But in today’s times, people are very busy, so they meet for a very short time. In earlier times, this festival was very important and meant alot to people. It’s good to have siblings and we all have great memories of our childhood. As time passes, later when our siblings get settled, you all remember the good old days about childhood. I have a very good relationship with my sister and both the brothers. My sister is very strong, self-made and very caring. They’re all settled in Ghaziabad. Sometimes I really miss them because I stay far from them. But whenever I get time, I visit them and spend time with them.