Delhi Binny’s Brigade’s owner Sneh Binny wants a movie on Tennis legend Leander Paes

The fourth season of Tennis Premier League recently concluded and Delhi Binny’s Brigade owner Sneh Binny is happy with his team’s performance. Before the season started he had organized an event for his team’s new jersey launch which was attended by Nora Fatehi. He feels that since Tennis is also the country’s major sport, more movies should be made that are based on the sport, especially on Indian players like Leander Paes.

“I think that there should definitely be a film on Leander Paes and I think it will grab a lot of eyeballs and that will boost tennis as a sport. And I think it will also make the youth take up the sport and get involved in tennis in some or the other way,” he said.

Though he feels that the sport is growing in the country, he stressed that people are not willing to take it up because it’s not considered as glamorous or popular as cricket.

“Tennis is a sport that is obviously not a sport that you can play anywhere like cricket or any other sport. You need a proper court, you need a proper setup to play tennis and it is legit growing in the country,” he said.

“People these days have doubts about taking tennis as a profession but I would say that do not have any doubt in your head and do take it up as it is growing, with a league like Tennis Premier League. The Delhi Binny’s Brigade is also here to support tennis and bring that platform to the young tennis players of the country and give them the fame that they deserve,” he added.

Sneh also emphasized that the future of tennis is super bright in India and said that the T-20 format has been brought in for people to understand the sport. “A lot of people don’t understand the actual tennis format and hence the T-20 format has been brought up by the tennis family to make it easier for people. This way not only will they watch tennis, but would also like to take up tennis as a profession and pursue it as a career. So tennis has a definitely bright future in the country,” he said.

He revealed that his favorite players are Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Leander Paes, and shared that he plans to attend the Wimbledon Championship this year.

“I have been invited by a lot of people from the tennis fraternity to come to watch Wimbledon with them. And I think this year maybe it’s high time for me to go and watch a Wimbledon match,” he said.