Delnaaz Irani on bond with Yesha Rughani: With us, it was like I knew her from day one

There are some friendships which are for life, and for actress Delnaaz Irani it is the one she shares with her co-actor Yesha Rughani. The actress says that they connected with each other instantly.

“Usually there are shows where you meet people, bond over food, your rehearsal time and workshops and, finally after a good span of time, you become like one big family. But with Yesha, it was like I knew her from day one. We bonded from the first day. I had heard a lot about her as she had already worked with one of my dear friends, Moon Banerrjee in a show called Musakaan,” she says.

She adds, “When I met her, she was like this sweet Gujarati girl and the first thing we bonded over was the Gujarati language.”

Talking about the bond they share, “Me being a Parsi and she being a Gujju, we bonded over all of that, especially food. She is a person who is very fun-loving, positive and very grounded. I see a lot of qualities about her that I find in myself. She is like a young replica of me. The mistakes that I have made during my initial days of career, I don’t want her to make those mistakes so I always guide her.”

She adds, “She also asks for advice and I feel very protective towards her. Even after the show ends, I am sure this bond is going to stay.”

The two share a mother-daughter vibe, says Delnaaz, adding, “When her mom came on set, I told her that she didn’t have to worry as she has another mom on the set out here. I promised her mother that she will be well looked after. Every time we are on the set, we have food together and make reels together. Once we started working, we met at my place a couple of times and she bonded with Percy too. I was happy seeing her as somebody who bonded with my family also.”