Farman Haider of Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s popular show speaks on why Rajasthani shows do well

Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal actor Farman Haider has revealed why Rajasthani shows do well in India.
“Rakshabandhan… is doing very well. People always like family shows which have a lot of emotions, a family in which there is everything like love, disputes, good or bad people who are in our real life too. Rajasthani shows always attract people because of Shahi riti riwaz, and the royal costumes, culture and customs are very unique. Rajasthani shows are made in a very good and unique way,” he said.
Rajasthani costumes reflect rich Rajasthani culture, and he feels that if you wear nice and royal clothes then you feel that you also have a royal style. “Whenever I wear clothes related to Rajasthani culture, I always feel great,” he said.
According to him, his character, Samar, has a lot of layers but it’s not like that in his real life. Asked if he has ever taken back his role home, he said, “I go not only to the lines but to the roots of the story related to that line. It helps me a lot to get into the character. Even after the set, Samar takes his character to the house quite often, like devilish eye smirk and all.”
He is attached to each and everyone on the set. “Together, we work for 12 to 14 hours everyday. We love each other and we care for each other.” He loves the ambiance of the set as they are shooting in a mansion which is very unique. “We enjoy a lot here,” he said. The show is produced by Beyond Dreams’ Yash and Mamta Patnaik. “You love working with a good production house like Beyond Dreams where you have very professional people who care for you and who make the project very well. Yash Sir and Mamta Ma’am are my favourite producers,” he said.
He gets many messages from his fans, but he would like to apologise to them as he doesn’t know how to reply to so many people on a regular basis. “But thank you for your love and support,” he said.