Fathers Day: Celebs get candid about the bond they share with their fathers

Be it an equation where they are as close as pals, or one where they don’t express much, their dads have always occupied a special place in the hearts of these celebrities.

Somy Ali
My father and I never saw eye to eye on any subject when I was young mainly because I was a stubborn teenager and a rebel without any specific cause. At this age I now realize that everything my father taught my brother and me was totally on point. Most importantly, his outlook on human beings and when times are tough it is your blood that will be there for you more than anyone else. I remember always thinking how negative of a point of view that is to live by and how morbid to think that everyone is out to get you. I would shrug my shoulders when my father would constantly tell me to be careful and stop trusting people. I was so wrong and a complete brat. Every single advice my father gave to me has come to use and everything he said is so unbelievably true that I am completely dumbfounded when it comes to humanity. Thus my motto to live by is that everyone is good until they screw you over. Bottom line is to give everyone a chance till they show you their true colors and then we need to immediately remove them from our lives. We all want something from one another that’s called living and being alive, but when one uses and takes constant advantage of you, that’s someone we need to veer away from right away. Block and delete! I always tell my father that he was right about the world and humanity, but my ego, age and stubbornness got in the way of taking his advice. This isn’t anything new as all teenagers and our youth nowadays think they are right about everything. That’s fine though because only experiences will help us grow and ascertain human beings and what they are all about. There is no one purely good or purely evil unless you are a murderer, rapist or your typical criminal. Humans have many shades of gray and I have lived and experienced several colors of humanity. Just because one is good in one scenario doesn’t mean they are saints in other circumstances. This is the most important lesson I have learned. I thank my father and all those who have wronged me for this particular lesson. Be careful who you trust with what information and how much of yourself you give to others because human nature is to take and they will not stop if you give a little, rather they will want it all. I mean this literally and figuratively. But again, only experiences will cement this ideology and simply learn through them.

Hrishikesh Pandey
My father was very strict initially when we were small because coming from army background, very discipline and we didn’t have a guts also because coming through a background where normally the culture is to touch our elder people feet and seek the blessing. So as kids we did our studies and slept on time, waking up on time. He was a strict father. But as we grew up, we became good friends and started sharing things. even in buying or selling things, buying property, everything, all matters and we used to sit and discuss things. He definitely was a strict father but only where it was needed. He was very supportive. For me especially, I feel he was supportive in terms of whatever I do in life.I feel he really taught us to be nice to people, be humble, be always good to people, do good to people. If you can’t do good, never do any harm to people. And I remember one of his things that I still do and believe is that when you don’t do wrong to people and you haven’t done anything wrong, you can face anybody. When you are right you don’t have to be scared of anybody. So he has taught us this. And all the moral values he has taught us will always stay with me all my life.

Samyukta Singh :
My dad passed away a year and half back. He is the reason behind me knowing whatever I do about music. He was the first rock star that India saw. He was called Kid Dynamite. As kids, mom and dad would sit with us at nights, dad with his guitar playing and singing our favourite songs, songs which were sometimes even older than us. Those memories are really beautiful. like what you see in the movies. But my dad was always a free spirit so I didn’t get to see him much during our growing up years. Luckily for me, he finally went and settled in Goa a year before I went to run Teso, that’s when I really spent quality time with my dad, and got to know him. I had those beautiful 6 months a year for 6 years where I really discovered my father. After work, I used to sit with him with his guitar and I would feel like a child again, asking him to play my childhood favourite songs and always he would. I would say I was his closest child and I have to thank Goa for that.

Saanand Verma :
My father has a big contribution in the actor I have become. My father really recognised my talent in my childhood only, when I was just 9-years-old, he got this thing that I am going to be an actor and though we were not doing well financially. But still, he used to tell me to come from that corner and make an entry and dance and sing and I was a singer also. And he used to tell me that I should always try to be an artist because I always used to walk like Devanand and I was known for my madness. My father always used to tell me that he was very fond of my acting. And when he came to know that I’m going to do my first play, he was extremely happy. I was also a writer. So, I wrote three novels when I was 12 – 13 years old and my father took me to Delhi and made me meet Mr. Surendra Mohan Pathak, who was number one, detective novelist at that time and my father told him I was a big fan of his. Mr. Pathak really helped me. He kept my novel with him and he tried to publish it. My father really encouraged me as an actor, as a singer as well as a writer.

Sambhaji Sasane
My father is a tailor. I was born after five sisters and brought up in a slum. It was challenging for my father to bring me up and my sisters especially in a slum. It wasn’t easy. I have seen him leave home at 6am in the morning and come back very late. He didn’t know English but I remember he used to speak broken English in front of me so that I could learn it. He even brought some cassettes that had English jingles in it. I recall the most tumultuous period in our relationship when I headed a Ganpati Mandal and moved around like a rogue guy who picked up fights. I had a very hot temper. The only thing that made him smile were the skits I used to perform in Ganpati or Street plays. Otherwise, every now and then I used to come back with a bruised body, my mom used to be very sad but my father kept his calm. Whatever patience I have in me is due to him.