Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The episode begins with Surekha looking at Reeva and Savi and remarks on Savi’s activities. Surekha sees Reeva going into her room sluggishly. Surekha chooses to rebuff Savi once she gets back.

Reeva reviews what occurred and composes the acquiescence letter with tears in her eyes.

Savi eats Vadapav. Ishaan shares with Savi that he is attempting to tell her something significant yet she isn’t paying attention to him. Ishaan attempts to enlighten Savi concerning what Yashwant shared with him yet Savi stops him. The auto driver leaves from that point as the police request that the auto driver move him.

Savi and Ishaan get back. Ishaan attempts to tell Surekha. Surekha remarks on Savi. Ishaan attempts to converse with Surekha. Surekha says she might want to converse with Savi. Surekha asks Savi with whose consent did she pass on to school. Savi reminds Surekha that she told her prior to passing on to school. Surekha tells Savi that this isn’t her lodging that she can leave at whatever point she needs and says she wants to take her consent prior to leaving. Surekha shares with Savi that she wants to adheres to the guidelines of this house as she is remaining in this house. Savi asks Surekha for what reason didn’t she stop her then and for what reason are they reproving her now. Durva stas to Surekha that Savi is lying. Durva shares with Surekha that she called her and yelled for her to stop yet she didn’t pay attention to her. Savi says on the off chance that Durva required her, she would have halted and remarks on her.

Yashwant requests that Savi stop it and says they understand what show she made in the school. Yashwant says he simply needed no show about their marriage before their gathering and asks Savi is it a lot to request from them. Yashwant asks Ishaan for what good reason hasn’t he appropriately made sense of for Savi about this as she proceeded to enlighten everybody concerning Ishaan and Savi’s marriage. Savi says she has never let anybody know that she is hitched to Ishaan however Durva let everybody know that she is hitched to Ishaan to embarrasses her as gold digger. Surekha requests that Savi quit faulting Durva for her activities. Surekha says they know reality.

Reeva comes and gives her renunciation letter to Yashwant and says she can’t work in that school any longer. Ishaan asks Reeva what occurred. Reeva tells Ishaan that everybody in that school is either feeling sorry for her or feeling frustrated about her. Reeva says she can’t show the understudies where her own life is very easy to read. Surekha tears the abdication letter and tells Reeva that the individual who is liable for all of this shouldn’t go to the school not her. Surekha shares with Savi that she won’t attend a university any longer. Yashwant additionally concurs with Surekha and figures this the ideal choice to safeguard their standing. Savi tells Surekha and Yashwant that she disagrees with their choice. Surekha asks Savi how challenge she to conflict with Yashwant in this house. Savi shares with Surekha and Yashwant on the off chance that she doesn’t battle for her fantasies who will battle for them as her fantasy is to turn into an IAS official.

Savi says if they have any desire to stop somebody they ought to prevent Durva from going to the school as Durva is the person who told that Savi and Ishaan are hitched. Savi says Ishaan shouldn’t attend a university as he conceded infront of everybody that she is his better half. Surekha says Ishaan is overseer of Bhosle establishment and not an understudy like her. Surekha likewise says they haven’t got any objections about Durva till now however solely after she came they are grievances about Durva so she is the root and she will not head off to college. Savi says this is the incredible method for diverting themselves from reality. Savi says she won’t concur with their choice.

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