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GHKKPM twelfth April 2024 Composed Update News for Ishaan. Ishaan doesn’t believe that Savi should assume responsibility for the kitchen as a devoted bahu. He needs to clear that he didn’t get her home to cause her to accomplish family work. He needs to lay out her effective profession and secure future. He wishes Savi would utilize her see any problems and spotlight on her examinations. He says that he needs to set off for college for the exceptional classes. He inquires as to whether she recalls that it. She says OK. He insults her and disappears. Ishaan is fretted over Savi’s examinations. He inquires as to whether she assumes she is St Nick Claus and that she will disseminate gifts and make nourishment for everybody. She says that she figured he would be satisfied with her motion.

He inquires as to whether she has come to live with him to celebrate celebrations. He believes her should zero in on her examinations, rather than with nothing to do. He says that she needs to get ready for significant tests. He requests that she break his expectations and begin getting ready nourishment for the family. He recommends that she runs the school container to make money. He laments that she was the smartest understudy previously. He is frustrated with her. Prateek calls him and gives a disturbing news. Ishaan is stressed to be aware over some episode. He races to meet Prateek. Savi thinks about what’s happened that Ishaan left carelessly. She remembers to follow Ishaan and help him if necessary. Will Savi help him or wind up ruining his temperament once more? Continue to peruse for GHKKPM twelfth April 2024 Composed Update coming not long from now.

GHKKPM twelfth April 2024 Composed Update News for Ishaan:
Savi follows Ishaan to know the matter. She sees Ishaan’s vehicle. She before long finds Ishaan thumped. She gets stressed when he falls out and about. She races to him. She comes before the truck. The transporter stops and chides her for running frantically. Savi gets up and goes to see Ishaan. Ishaan stops Chinmay and lets him know that he will bring him back home. Chinmay declines and pounds him.

Savi races to Ishaan and saves him. She lashes out and slaps Chinmay. She censures him for beating Ishaan. Chinmay stops her and tells her that he will beat her if she truly wants to slap him once more. She requests that he battle in the event that he can. Chinmay lifts his hand on Savi when she picks a coconut to hit him. Ishaan in the middle between and stops Chinmay. He calls it enough. He reprimands Savi for slapping his sibling. He says that she has no option to divide two siblings. He acquaints Chinmay with her. She is stunned to find out about Chinmay. Chinmay hollers at Ishaan.

GHKKPM twelfth April 2024 Composed Update News for Ishaan

He says that he isn’t Ishaan’s sibling. Ishaan requests that Chinmay return home with him, and Surekha is sitting tight for him. Chinmay takes steps to kill Ishaan. He furiously leaves. Savi and Ishaan get back home. The family finds Ishaan hurt. Ishaan lets Surekha know that he met Chinmay and attempted to get him home, yet Chinmay has thumped him and wouldn’t come. Surekha becomes stressed over being familiar with Chinmay. She says that she needs to meet him. Ishaan says that Chinmay is remaining at an inn, he would rather not return home and said they ought to ask Yashwant for what valid reason he isn’t coming. Ishaan inquires as to whether they know the explanation. He inquires as to whether she met Chinmay previously. Shikha misleads him and sobs.

Yashwant denounces Chinmay:
Ishaan requests that Yashwant call Chinmay home. He is certain that Chinmay will come on his call. Yashwant furiously tosses the telephone. He says that he won’t ever allow Chinmay to get back home. He arranges the family to avoid Chinmay. Surekha inquires as to whether he is familiar with Chinmay’s appearance. Yashwant will not reply. She requests that he respond to her. He says that he knew it on the grounds that Chinmay had called him. She says that he ought to have told her, she is yearning to see her child and needs to meet him. She sobs for her child. She says that she has the core of a mother, and her heart sobs for Chinmay. He says that she definitely has a mother’s heart yet Chinmay is coldblooded. He says that Chinmay has no feelings for them.

GHKKPM twelfth April 2024 Composed Update News for Ishaan

She requests that he stop it. Chinmay goes to the tea slow down. He gets a cigarette from somebody and smokes. He takes the teacup. He gets Yashwant’s call. He irately detaches. He despises the tea and goes to make it himself. Durva and Anvi are worried about Chinmay. They share their pressure with Reeva. Ishaan sees Chinmay and his experience growing up picture. Savi really focuses on his injuries. He asks her for what reason she came following him, rather than going to the school. He doesn’t need her anxiety however her great imprints. She gives him the ice pack. She finds him reproving her consistently. She tosses a couple of things in the room. He asks her what’s going on with she. He says that he can’t see the wreck. She says that she can’t remain silent seeing the things screwed up in the family. She adds that she can’t study when she sees Ishaan and her family in strain.

Smash Navami turns coming up for Savi:
She requests that he comprehend her anxiety, she can’t overlook his aggravation and needs to remain by him. She needs to help him. She gets some information about his issues with Chinmay. He says thanks to her for concern. He says that she doesn’t have to know anything. Reeva arrives at there and finds Ishaan hurt. She frenzies and really focuses on him. He asks her not to stress. Savi flies off the handle seeing him permit Reeva to apply the ice pack. Ishaan and Savi will be viewed as Slam and Sita in the Smash Navami extraordinary episode. A Raavan causes some serious qualms about them. Is Chinmay the underhanded Raavan in their lives, who will isolate Savi from Ishaan? Remain tuned.

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