Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Vinayak quesitons Pakhi in the event that Sri Krishna is Yashoda maiya’s embraced child, did he stay with Devaki maiya too. Pakhi says Yashoda maiya raised Sri Krishna, so she is his genuine mother. Mohit illuminates Pakhi that a couple of assembly line laborers need to meet her. Pakhi requests that Vinu proceed with his shading and leaves. Bhavani hears their discussion, strolls to Vinu, and inquires as to whether she can likewise variety. He concurs. She says he was inquiring as to whether Sri Krishna remained with his genuine mamma Devika maiya or not. Vinayak inquires as to whether she is familiar with it. Bhavani says who else will be aware of it and ays Sri Krishna liberated Devaki maiya from Kans’ jail in the wake of overcoming Kans; however Sri Krishna remained at first with Yashoda maiya, he remained with Devaki maiya a while later. Vinu says he will remain just with his Pakhi maiya and leaves there. Bhavani thinks he at last needs to remain with his Devaki maiya and she will acquire Sai this house at any expense.

Sai gets some information about Vinu. Virat figures he shouldn’t illuminate her about Vinu’s fever or probably she will be more surprise. He says she is fine and doesn’t have any desire to go to class for a couple of days. Sai says its OK and expresses gratitude toward him for dealing with Savi when she was in a fanciful state after Vinu dismissed her and uncovers that she remembers nothing occurred after that. He inquires as to whether she truly remembers nothing. She gestures no and gets profound stressed for Savi. Virat says Sai is additionally his little girl and any issue on Savi needs to get over him first. Sai says he is fortunate to such an extent that Savi calls him baba and loves him so much, she is world’s most unluckiest mother that her child can’t stand her. She inquires as to whether he and Pakhi filled poison against her to Vinu. Virat inquires as to why she suspects as much. Sai says she saw Pakhi programming Vinu against her.

However, virat says he had stowed away truth to stay away from this, he didn’t tell Vinu anything. Sai says circumstance has as of now worensed and argues him not to incite her child against her. Virat inquires as to how could he. Sai inquires as to how could an honest youngster call her as a magician. He didn’t actually. Sai expresses somebody in his family is inciting Vinu against her. Virat expresses no one in family will, Vinu probably read a story some place and associated himself to it. He vows to figure out how Vinu got this idea and will let him know that she is his aayi, he wants time for this and her trust. She gestures yes and inquires as to whether he truly arranged these modaks. He requests that she attempt and choose herself. She grins.

Bhavani instructs cycling to Vinu. Virat strolls in and inquires as to whether grandmaa is instructing bicycling to her grandson. Bhavani reminds that she showed him cycling, his child learnt it sooner than her and is out in front of him. He asks when will he begin carrying on with his life, she comprehends him even without him talking, his heart ought to continuously win in a battle among heart and cerebrum. Virat instructs cycling to Vinu next and inquires as to why he detests Sai so much when Sai treated him and loves him to such an extent. Vinu flies off the handle and yells to quit discussing filthy aunt. Virat asks him not to call Sai as filthy aunt. Vinu says he will, grimy aunt has done dark sorcery on even him as Pakhi said. Virat inquires as to whether Pakhi showed him this. Vinu says aayi recounted a sovereign mother, her ruler, and a messy magician who needs to grab ruler from her. Virat understands that Sai is correct that somebody indoctrinated Vinu.

Pakhi picks Virat’s uniform and scents it fragrance when Virat strolls in and faces her for being a terrible mother. Pakhi asks how did she respond. Virat inquires as to for what reason did she recount a magician’s story and contrasted her and Sai. Pakhi rejects his charge, faults Sai again for catching Virat and attempting to grab her child from her, plays a casualty card to the surprise of no one, and takes steps to end it all. Virat cautions her to quit playing a casualty and self destruction card and quit implanting poison in Vinu’s psyche. Pakhi says she realizes he doesn’t cherish her, she wants to find out whether he despises her too. Ashwini surges in and illuminates that Vinu has secured himself in his room.

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