Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Surekha shows a kurta she purchased for Chinmay. Chinmay inquires as to whether it will fit Ishaan as he feels that she got it for Ishaan and giving it to him when Ishaan could have done without it. Surekha inquires as to for what reason is he saying this. Ishaan says since she generally favored Ishaan over him and allowed him a recycled treatment. He reminds how in youth he needed a mouth organ or a cycle and she got one for Ishaan first and got a limited one for him. He says she gave such a lot of adoration to parentless Ishaan and disregarded him totally. He tosses her gift and pushes her out of her room. Savi strolls in and picks kurta. Surekha leaves cleaning her tears. Savi powerfully goes into room. Chinmay says one remaining and one more came in. Savi investigates his eyes and says she is checking whether there is any humankind left in him or, in all likelihood Surekha and Shikha are squandering life a no on a man mankind left in him.

Savi sees worker Jeetu and asks how can he stay with Chinmay. Jeetu says Chinmay is extremely kind; his little girl was 3 days old when Chinmay had ventured out from home. also, when he returned now, he inquired as to whether his little girl is in third sexually transmitted disease and in which medium; scarcely any proprietor can show such a lot of worry for a worker. Savi believes assuming Shikha was correct about Chinmay. She reviews Chinmay testing Yashwant Rao Bhosale/YRB that he won’t take off from the house until he gets what he needs, figures what should be the explanation.

Surekha while bubbling milk in the kitchen becomes mixed up in contemplations reviewing Chinmay’s a showdown. Savi enters and switches off gas. Surekha wipes her tears and goes about as occupied. Savi says she saw nothing as she was zeroing in on spilling milk. She says when she was a kid, her aayi got her up alone for quite a long time; she used to lash out on her aayi at whatever point her interest was not satisfied and aayi blow up on her at whatever point she defied her; there was a reset button named broiled modak between them which they used to frequently to fail to remember their displeasure and appreciate it; perhaps there is a reset button among Surekha and Chinmay which she can’t recollect now. Surekha stands thinking.

Surekha readies Chinmay’s number one food and requests that Asmita and Durva orchestrate it on eating table. Reeva strolls in and asks Surekha for what reason she looks so cheerful today. Surekha says when they don’t find arrangement throughout everyday life, they will press a reset button. Reeva stands confounded. Savi strolls in and sits other than Anvi. Anvi inquires as to whether she loved her content. Savi says it’s astounding and says Anvi did profound exploration about Smash charitra, where was she concealing this ability. Anvi says she needed to turn into an essayist in her life as a youngster, however at that point quit mulling over everything after Mukul mother’s occurrence; presently she is beginning again with Savi’s support.

Nishi with Ishaan strolls in and says YRB is exceptionally upset however doesn’t have any desire to uncover what occurred among him and Chinmay. Ishaan examines about school’s social celebration this Slam navami. Savi says since Ishaan doesn’t need social secretary/herself to partake, her companion Anvi will deal with the occasion. She presents Anvi as an arising essayist who has prearranged Seeta swayamwar for the occasion. Durva inquires as to whether she has a ton of familiarity with maryada purshotam Slam. Savi presents a shloka and depicts how Smash was prepared to forfeit his life to stay faithful to his commitment. She reviews Ishaan satisfying his commitment made to Harini and envisions her as Slam. Reeva likewise envisions Ishaan as Slam.

YRB strolls in next for lunch. Surekha requests that servant call Chinmay. YRB yells not to call Chinmay for lunch. Chinmay enters and hears him. Surekha says she arranged all his #1 food and requests that he have it. Chinmay concurs, causes her to sit on a seat, and says we should have it like they used to have in his life as a youngster. He causes Ishaan to sit next o him and requests that Surekha feed them. Surekha offers a chomp to Chinmay. Chinmay stops her and says he previously told like they used to have in adolescence, she ought to take care of Ishaan first and afterward him. Surekha feels frustrated hearing that. Chinmay says he previously had food with Jeetu and leaves there.

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