Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Ishaan giving his discourse at some unacceptable time. Nishikanth signals Ishaan to check the break. Ishaan makes up an explanation and covers it up. Nishikanth requests that Ishaan come to the executive gathering.

Ishaan comes to the load up gathering and apologizes to Yashwant for not being to the load up gathering on time. Yashwant remarks on Ishaan.

Yashwant asks Sharma for what reason did he out of nowhere require the executive gathering. Sharma tells Yashwant that he knows in their quarterly magazine the protests get distributed. Sharma says there is a serious grumbling and they need to check it out. Sharma shows the agreeable on the screen.

Nishikanth peruses the Objection. In the letter it is composed that the Bhosle establishment gives grant to poor individuals however certain individuals are abusing this grant. In the letter it is referenced that Savi spouse of Ishaan Bhosle needn’t bother with this grant and Ishaan is abusing his power.

Yashwant asks how should others inquiry their respectability and remarks on it. Ishaan safeguards Savi saying Savi got the grant on her hardwork. Sharma tells Yashwant that they need to accept choice about this as though it is misjudged in the web-based entertainment then they could lose the awards that they get from the college.

Savi takes data from Karuna the medical caretaker how much is the bill and different charges for Harini’s therapy. Savi sees that it is above Rs.6 lakhs. Savi feels grateful she atleast has a grant to return a cash to Ishaan.

Ishaan contends with the board individuals that they ought to drop this standard. Yashwant reminds Ishaan regardless of whether they need to drop this standard they need to apply it from next term however for this term they need to adhere to this guideline.

Nishikanth asks Ishaan for what reason are they thinking this much about it. Nishikanth says they ought to drop Savi’s grant. Srikanth another board part shares with Ishaan that he can pay the school expense apart from anyone else’s input. Ishaan keeps quiet.

Ishaan comes to Savi and uncovers to Savi that her grant has been dropped as she got hitched to him. Ishaan says this is a standard of their school that in the event that an understudy’s monetary capacity or the understudy gets hitched, his grant will be dropped.

Yashwant gives the uplifting news to Surekha that he dropped Savi’s grant. Surekha gets astounded hearing this. Surekha requests that Yashwant pass on the rest to her. Yashwant concurs.

Savi inquires as to whether he is additionally engaged with this choice. Ishaan says it isn’t his choice alone. Savi asks Ishaan for what valid reason didn’t he battle for her. Savi says she will battle for her right and leaves from that point.

Savi attempts to attend a university. Ishaan stops Savi and shares with Savi that what will she do in the wake of attending a university. Savi says she will let everybody know that their marriage is only a demonstration to show to Harini that they are hitched and she will leave this marriage once Harini improves.

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