‘Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein’ TV Show Wiki’ ( Star Plus): CAST, STORY, ROLES, REAL NAME, TIME AND MORE..

‘Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein’ TV Show Wiki’ ( Star Plus): CAST, STORY, ROLES, REAL NAME, TIME AND MORE.

Sai Joshi is a kind-hearted, brave, and outspoken girl who aspires to be a doctor. She is excellent in her studies. She lives with her loving father and an honest police inspector Kamal Joshi in a village called Gadchiroli. Virat Chavan is an IPS officer who lives with his family in Nagpur, gets his first posting in Gadchiroli.

On a trip to Nasik, Virat meets Patralekha aka Pakhi. They both meet at the Yoga retreat again and develop feelings for each other but are unable to express them. As they bid adieu, Virat promises to call her.

Virat gets posted to Gadchiroli where he meets Inspector Kamal Joshi and Sai. Virat misplaces Pakhi’s phone number and is unable to call her. Pakhi tried to call him but he does not recognise her. Pakhi feels cheated and blocks his number. She decides to move and get married to a boy of her parent’s choice. Later after finding her number Virat tries to call her but is not able to connect. Pakhi gets engaged to Virat’s cousin, Samrat coincidently. Virat comes to know that pakhi agreed to marry his cousin. Virat meets Pakhi during his cousin’s wedding ceremony. Pakhi begs him to marry her but Virat refuses to break his cousin’s marriage. Virat promises her that he would never let any woman into his heart and he would maintain their friendship forever. Patralekha decides to marry Samrat to stay close to Virat as the cousins live in the same house. Pakhi confesses her love to Virat on phone and Samrat overhears her. Samrat was heartbroken and decides to leave the house.

In Gadchiroli, a local goon tries to marry Sai forcefully. Kamal takes a bullet shot from him while saving Virat. Virat promises a dying Kamal he would take care of Sai. Devastated, Sai tries to kill herself but was saved by Virat. The villagers request Virat to marry Sai. Sai rejects the proposal at first but Virat decides to marry Sai so that he can fulfill his promise to take care of her. They both agree to stay together only till Sai becomes a doctor and not to have any expectations from each other. Some of his family accepts Sai, while few do not. Sai is outspoken and always speaks again about any wrongdoing by the family. Virat supports Sai as Bhavani and others are rude to her. Unable to tolerate them together, Pakhi is rude to Sai.

Sai manages to win more and more of the family members as time passes and carries out her studies along with her responsibilities of being the daughter-in-law of the Chavan’s. Virat gets emotionally attached to Sai. He soon realises that he never really loved Pakhi and it was mere infatuation. He falls in love with Sai, but cannot express his feelings to her. Virat tells Pakhi that he has fallen in love with Sai. He tells her to stay away from him and not have any expectations from him but she cannot see them together and does her utmost to cause trouble between Virat and Sai.

Sai helps Virat’s cousin, Devyani, reunite with her husband Pulkit and child Harini. Unaware of the entire situation Virat kicks Sai out of his house, making Sai go back to Gadchiroli. When Virat comes to know about the truth, he apologises and brings her back. Pulkit considers Sai as his sister and supports her through ups and downs. Sai challenges the Chavan family to attend her college function and sends fake police to bring Trimurti there. Virat meets Ajinkya who is Sai’s dance partner. He feels jealous of their closeness. Virat plans Sai’s birthday party and everyone enjoys but he is jealous to see Ajinkya has also come there to wish her. Sai spends her scholarship money to buy a harmonium for Ninad, which was his lifelong dream and he warms up to Sai.

One day, Sai is ill and cannot go to college. Ajinkya comes home to give her notes. Pakhi sends him up to Sai’s room. Virat sees them together and loses his temper. He manhandles Ajinkya and also abuses Sai. Sai is very hurt by his allegations and runs out of the house. She gets hit by a car and is seriously wounded. Virat takes her to the hospital and regrets his words. Pakhi decides to go with Pulkit but eventually agrees to stay in Chavan Nivas after Virat apologises again and again.

Virat is very short-tempered and Sai is also very stubborn. Due to this, they have many misunderstandings and ups and downs, but they manage to stay together. Virat plans to confess his love on their first marriage anniversary and takes Sai to Mahabaleshwar for a trip. Samrat is also in Mahabaleshwar.

Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein  (Star Plus)
Genre Daily Soap Drama Serial
Leading Cast Ayesha Singh
Neil Bhatt
Director Jaydeep Sen
Ashwini Saraswat
Producer Pradeep Kumar
Rajesh Ram Singh
Pia Bajpai
Shaika Parween
Idea Siddhartha Vankar
Story Rajesh Chawla
Screenplay Vishal Vatwani
Renu Vatwani
Laxmi Jaikumar
Editor Ashish Singh
DOP Shailesh Manore
Music Shubham Sundaram
Prakash Gaikwad
Production House Cockcrow Productions and Shaika Films


Channel Name Star Plus
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 8:00 pm
Running Time 20-22 Minutes
 Start Date 5th October 2020
Language Hindi
Country India


Ayesha Singh

AS: Sai

Neil Bhatt

AS: Virat

Aishwarya Sharma

AS: Pakhi

Kishori Shahane

AS: Bhawani

Shailesh Datar

AS: Ninad

Mitali Nag

AS: Devyani

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