Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 13 March 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, While Sai is leaving, she sees that Virat wakes up. He ask her how’s she ? She says that she is fine because of him. Then Virat ask her what is she doing here? Everyone comes and sees that Virat has gained consciousness. Virat ask Sai to leave in front of everyone.

Virat ask Sai to leave. Sai ask him to listen to her once. Virat says to everyone that no one need to take care of him. He says to Sai that she never trusted him then why she is here to take care of him? She says she regrets so much what she has done. She says if there’s nothing between them then why he saved her? He says because she is his responsibility. He says during the difficult time she neither supported him nor believed him. He ask her to leave right now.

Ashwini says that she is worried what if virat doesn’t forgive them. Ninad says it’s not gonna happen. He says that Virat is their son. Everyone goes inside to meet Virat. Bhawan ask virat how’s he? Mohit says that he will get well soon. Samrat ask him to come home soon. Virat says that why they are calling him as theor family because no one supported him when he needed them the most. He reminds everyone what they said to him. He says some wants to kill him amd some thought that why did he even born in their house. He reminds ninad that he throws him out of his house and heart. He ask them to do a favour for him and leave him alone. He ask them to leave right now.

Sai says thank you to God and makes modak as a Prasad. Sai’s hand got burnt. she imagines her father in front of him. He ask her why is she upset? She says that Virat got well but he don’t want to talk to her. He is very upset with her. She says that at first she was angry with him because he asked virat to take care of her but then she realised that he has done the right thing. Then her father says that she also get very angry. He says that she also said so many things to virat in a fit of anger. He says that Virat was angry that’s why he asked her to go. She says that maybe he is right. She says that she will not give up.

Later, DIG sir comes in hospital with Shruti and Sahas. He goes inside to meet Virat. He tells him that it was impossible for him to get saved but he survived. He says that Sai has gone against everything to get the injection for him which is needed for his surgery. Virat says that now there’s nothing between him and Sai. He says that they both have a special bond and he should start a new beginning in his life was th Sai. Then he ask him to provide clean chit to Shruti. Sir says that today Sai also told him the same thing. Shruti tells Everyone that they are responsible for this condition of virat. She says that they wanted her to be in jail and today she is in jail. She says that she saw Virat was hoping for his family but no one supported him. Ninad and Ashwini apologise to her.

Shruti goes to meet Virat. He says that he told her to not come at the jungle but she didn’t listen to him. Shruti says that she can’t listen to him because if anything get happened to him and Sai because of him then she won’t be able to forgive herself. She says that she will start her new life and he should also start a new beginning with Sai. She ask him to take care and goes away. Sai sees Shruti while leaving. She stops her. She says that she wants to apologise to her. Shruti says that she don’t need to apologise. Shruti motivates her to meet Virat. She ask her to not lose hope.

Will Virat go to Chavan’s house after get discharged from hospital? Will virat be able to forgive Sai?

This is the weekly update of your favourite show Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein.

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