Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 14 May 2022 weekly

Last week, Everyone goes at the venue for the wedding of Rajiv and Shivani. There Virat tries to find Sai but he didn’t find her anywhere. Suddenly the sound stopped. Meanwhile Sai shouts from the Mike and says that hello she is Sai Joshi. She Says that they are not able to see her but she can see everyone. She sends flowers and chocolates for Virat. She says that she is doing all this because today she have to say something special to her husband. Then She kisses Virat. She says that after a lot of time she gets the clarity about her feelings and now she won’t leave. Then she tells him that Mr. Virat chavan his wife has fallen in love with him.

Then Virat goes down on his knees and tells Sai that he knew that they were married but still he wants to ask her again. He ask her will she marry him? Sai says yes. Sunny amd Ashwini told him that Virat was madly in love with her. Sai says that today she will get married to him again. Pakhi gets upset. Virat holds Sai in his arms and take her to the mandap.

Pakhi instigates Bhawani against Sai. She says that once Sai gets married to Virat again then it will be proved that her respect is deteriorated. During the last phera, Bhawani goes and stands in front of Sai. Virat ask her that why she is stopping them from taking the last phera. She says that she wants to put a condition in front of Sai before completing the last phera. She says that either she can leave this house and be a doctor or she can become the daughter in law of Chavan’s but for that she can’t practice as a doctor. Everyone is shocked.

She says never a daughter in law has gone outside for a job to earn money and Sai also don’t need to do this if she wants to become the daughter in law of Chavan’s. Virat says that he will give answer on Sai’s behalf. He says that Sai will become the daughter in law of this house. Sai is shocked to listen this. She says that how could he says this? Virat ask her does she loves him? She says yes. He ask her does she trust him? She says yes. He says to her just complete this last phera. Bhawani says that Virat has taken the right decision. Then they take the blessings from everyone.

Sai ask Virat why he told Bhawani that she will not become a doctor. He ask jer to trust him and he will not hurt her. He ask her to he happy today. During the bidaai of Shivani, she cries and says that she is going to miss them so much. Virat says that he thinks that Rajiv and Shivani should start living here. Sai and Samrat also supports him. Bhawani says no. She says that a son in law can’t live in his wife’s house. Virat ask what’s the problem? He says that when a woman leaves the house then it’s okay for everyone then what’s the problem when a man decided to live with his wife.

Mansi says that If they don’t take care of Rajiv then who will? Bhawani says okay. She says that if they don’t have problem with it then it’s okay. Then Bhawani says that now they should do the next ritual. In the next ritual the woman has to change her name. Sai says that her name is Sai Kamal Joshi but now she will change it to Sai Virat Chavan. Virat says that he also wants to change his name from Virat Ninad Chavan to Virat Sai Chavan. Bhawani says that he can’t because this ritual is only for women. He says that why always women needs to sacrifice.

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