Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 16 January 2022 weekly

This week, Virat tells Sai that he will accept her decision but she should let him carry out his responsibility towards her. Sai says she has her scholarship money and her father’s fund to support her. Devi tells everyone that Sai is leaving house. They all try to convince Sai to stay back. Samrat says he is with Sai in every decision, as the whole fault is Virat’s. Omkar and Sonali rebuke Sai for spoiling their reputation. Sai tells them that everyone knows what has happened and they are being unfair to her by stopping her.

Sai asks Bhawani she is the head of the family still she is more worried about family name instead of finding out about Virat and Shruti. She says it is a fact that their marriage was just a compromise and Virat is right to make a decision for his life. Ninad and Ashwini say they will tell Virat to go away. Sai says if she had not been there then they would have welcomed another woman in Virat’s life. Virat comes down. Everyone is taken aback to see him. Pakhi blames Sai for not telling anyone that Virat is at home. Virat says he cannot do anything if Sai wants to live her life in her own way. Pakhi asks he must explain why he chose Shruti over Sai. Virat tells her to shut up. He tells them not to drag Shruti in all this as she is not here to defend herself. Ashwini tell Virat to leave house so that Sai can stay in the house.

Bhawani rebukes Ashwini for telling Virat to leave the house. Virat is heartbroken that his parents also think him wrong. Mohit says now that he is going to live with Shruti, he must divorce Sai before leaving. Virat says he cannot divorce Sai. Pulkit asks how he can live with two women at the same time. Sai asks everyone to bid farewell to her happily as she needs their blessings. Devi and Pulkit tell Sai to live with them in their house. Sai says she wants to fight this battle alone and become independent financially, socially and emotionally. Sai sees the ring that Virat gave her and takes it off her finger and hand it over to Virat, but keeps the ring that Ashwini gave her.

Sai leaves the Chavan Nivas. Virat imagines Sai in the room. He thinks he wanted to introduce her to Shruti and Sahas at the right time, but she could not wait just a little. Sai thinks about Virat in her college and sits by herself. Pulkit comes to Sai and says he is there if she wants to talk about anything. He says Sai is a winner as she did not compromise on her self-respect. Pulkit says he knows she is strong and she will spend her life without anyone but he knows it will be very difficult.

Pulkit again asks Sai to stay with him and Devi, but she refuses. Samrat chastises Virat breaking Sai’s heart and says even their bond is over now. Pakhi tells Virat that she understands his pain but no-one else can. She says she would have waited for his answer if she was in Sai’s place and her love for him would have been unconditional. Virat tells her not to push her own agenda by showing fake concern. ulkit gets a call for consulting in another hospital for a surgery. Sai requests Pulkit to take her along to observe him. Pulkit allows her to assist him. They reach the hospital. Pulkit introduces Sai to Shruti’s doctor.

Sai meets Shruti to check on her and introduces herself intern who will assist the listing doctor. Pulkit tells Shruti not to worry. Shruti asks if her life is in danger as her son has no-one except her. Virat comes to the room. Sai and Virat are shocked to see each other. Sai is shocked to know that Shruti is Virat’s wife and they have a son. She goes out and breaks down completely. Pulkit tells the doctor that he cannot do this surgery.

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