Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 17 April 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, Sai told Devi about Rajiv. Virat heard the conversation of Devi and Shivani. Devi told her that Sai was planning to set up their meeting. Sai goes to meet Rajiv. Sai tells him that she texted him from Shivani’s phone. She ask him why he came back to Shivani’s life after so many years? He says that he was scared of Commitment. He says that he got anxious and wasn’t able to reach on his wedding. He says that Shivani called him but he was scared to talk to her. He ask Sai to let him meet to Shivani for once. He says that he wants to meet her and tell her that he loves her. He says that he will respect her last decision.

Sai tells Rajiv that she will do something to make him meet Shivani. Meanwhile, Virat comes and punches Rajiv. He says that how dare he to come again in Shivani’s life. He says he have to go to jail on the charges of Fraud and mental torture. Virat says to Sai that Rajiv will not meet Shivani. He says that he don’t want to talk to her now. He ask her to leave. Then Shivani ask Sai to come to her room. She says that she got to know that she is trying to make her meet with Rajiv. Sais says that she herself goes to meet Rajiv. She says that right now Rajiv is in jail. She says that Virat has put charges on him on behalf of her for mental torture and fraud.

Sai tells Shivani that Rajiv is in jail. She says that when she met him he told her that he was scared of Commitment that time and because of that he made a mistake for which he is so sorry. She says that his mother died few months ago and she made him feel that they have to keep their loved ones with them. Shivani cries so much when she got to know that Rajiv’s mother has died. She says that Virat was angry on Rajiv that’s why he did all this to him. Later Sai goes to her room and sees Virat and Pakhi talking to eachother. Virat told her about Rajiv.

Bhawani and everyone get to know that Sai goes to meet Rajiv. Shivani goes to police station to meet Rajiv. After seeing him she have an emotional outburst. She cries so much. Rajiv says that she is still upset with him and that’s a positive sign because at least now he have a hope. He says that his mother told him that he made a mistake by leaving her. Shivani cries and slaps him.

Rajiv goes down on his knees and tells Shivani that he loves her so much. He ask her to give him atleast one chance. He says that this time he will not leave her alone and she will not regret anything. Shivani sits and holds Rajiv’s hand and forgive him. Shivani tells Sai that she is actually feeling light and lively after Meeting Rajiv. Sai says that she is happy for her. She says that a girl who is not able to confess her love to her husband helped her. Rajiv comes out of the jail and says thank you to Sai. Shivani tells Rajiv that she introduced both of them but she herself still could not express her love to Virat. Rajiv says that he will help her in this.

Shivani goes to home. Bhawani ask her where was she? She says that they never asked her where was she and what happened to her then what happened today. She says that she has gone for the session of tarot card reading. She says that she also forgot her and because of which she faced problems. Then She sees her phone in Sonali’s hand and takes that away from her. Shivani get worried because everyone get in her family get to know about Rajiv. Virat goes to meet DIG sir. Sir tells her that now he is fit to join the duty again.

Will Sai be able to stop the transfer of Virat?

This is the weekly update of your favourite Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein.

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