Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 23 January 2022 weekly

This week, Pulkit refuses to operate on Shruti. Sai convinces him to do his duty as a doctor. Pulkit says he is not a robot that he can ignore his emotions. Shruti asks Virat if Sai is his wife. She requests Virat to go his own way as Sahas is now in the world. She asks Virat to tell Sai the truth or she can talk to her. Virat tells her not to do anything. Virat says it is already too late to talk as Sai has left him and the house. He says Sai is a capable, independent girl who can take care of herself.

Sai again requests Pulkit to do Shruti’s surgery. Pulkit finally gets convinced but says he feels he is supporting Virat. Shruti feels guilty for snatching Sai’s happiness. Virat tells her about Pulkit and Sai. Virat encourages Shruti to win her fight. Virat comes to doctor’s cabin. Doctor tells him that Pulkit has agreed to operate on Shruti. Virat thanks him. Pulkit tells him to thank Sai instead. Doctor asks Sai to explain about surgery to him. Sai tells him that his wife has a critical operation. Virat thinks of his marriage to Sai. He thinks only she is his wife but sadly he cannot clarify anything to her.

Doctor asks Virat to sign the consent letter. Virat hesitates. Sai thinks he is hesitating as he loves Shruti too much. Doctor tells Pulkit and Sai that Virat taken very good care of Shruti and the baby. Pulkit comforts Sai and says she can leave if she wants. Sai says she knows it is a good opportunity for her as a doctor and she will not act immaturely. Virat waits outside during the operation and prays for Shruti’s safety. Pulkit tells him that they have done their bit. Virat thanks them. Virat reaches home. Pakhi asks him if he was with Shruti. Virat tells her not to interfere in his matters. Virat requests the family to give him some time as he has not slept for 2 days. Ashwini and Ninad berate Virat. Virat says he will leave the house whenever they ask him to go.

Samrat says Ninad is doing Virat a favour by asking him to leave as this is what he wants. The whole family berate Virat for taking side of Shruti and letting Sai go. Shivani also comes back and blasts Virat for what he did. She says she cannot believe that Virat could cheat on Sai. Virat says if she cannot believe then why she is blaming him. Ninad, Ashwini, Samrat and Devi tell Virat to go away. Ninad tells Virat to not come back even if he hears of his death. Virat is shocked,

Virat says he will continue to transfer the money every month like before. Virat says they should talk practically, as they will need money for their checkups and other expenses. Bhawani takes Virat to temple and commands him to leave Shruti and bring Sai back for the sake of their family’s reputation. Virat says Sai left the house of her own will. Virat packs his bags and readies to leave next morning. Everyone taunts him again. Mohit again warns that he will fight for justice for Sai. Karishma asks Virat if Shruti is that pretty that he left Sai.

Virat warns Karishma to not say anything against Shruti. Pakhi and Samrat asks Virat where he is going. Virat says they have broken all ties with him, so what is the point of asking all this. Bhawani, Ninad and Ashwini refuse to let him touch their feet. He leaves. Bhawani, Ashwini and Sonali get humiliated at SATYANARAYAN KATHA at a neighbour’s house. Neighbours taunt Ashwini that both her son and daughter in law have left house. Sonali confirms Virat’s affair and Sai asking for divorce, while defending Bhawani. Neighbours taunt Bhawani not to teach them about running household anymore.

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