Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 27 February 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, Sai is coming towards Virat, but he stops her as he sees that around her land mines are spread. Sada says that he wants Shruti and his son back. Shruti comes there with sahas. Virat ask Shruti what is she doing here? He ask her to go. sada is about to go towards her but she ask him to not come closer to her. She says that the man she loved was different. She says he should be shameful because of what he did to Sai. Sahas started crying. Shruti won’t let sada comes towards him. Sada’s men says that they can bring his son to him. Shruti tells everyone to don’t they dare to come towards her. Meanwhile, DIG comes with police force and stops Sada.

Shruti also get arrested. DIG sir ask virat now what will they do to help Sai. Virat ask Sai to stand as it is He says that if she will sit then this land mine can blast anytime. Virat goes to save Sai by climbing trees. He ask Sai to give him her hand. Sai si facing difficulty in doing that but he says that she have to do this. Then Sai tells him that she loves him. Stems are weak. Virat ask Sai to go fast because it can break at anytime. Sai goes upwards but Virat falls down and the land mine is blasted. They take Virat to the hospital. Sai tells DIG sir that she submitted the false document of divorce papers to save Virat’s reputation. She says sorry to him.

Doctor says that Virat’s condition is very critical he can’t say anything now. Then she says that she needs to tell the family about the condition of virat. Sai goes to Chavan’s house amd tells Ashwini that she wants her mangalsutra back. She cries in front Ashwini. Ashwini ask her what happened? She says that mangalsutra was stopping her from moving on and all the memories are attached with it so she decided to throw it away. She says that she don’t want to keep anything which hurts her. Sai ask her where did she throw it? She says that she throws it from her room. Sai goes outside her room and sees her mangalsutra hanging on the tree. She climbs on the tree to take it.

Bhawani brings Sai inside and ask her why she is doing drama. Sai says that today she is standing in fron of them alive then it is because of Virat. Sai says that sadanand who is Virat’s friend has kidnapped him because Shruti is his wife. She says that Virat didn’t betrayed them. She tells them that during one of his missions Sada was about to die and ask Virat to take care of his wife and his son. She says that he was just fulfilling his responsibilities. She tells them everything. She says that Virat continuously asked her to believe him but she didn’t. Ashwini break down. Mansi says that she asked everyone to believe virat and also said that he is hiding something from them but everyone has a layer of anger in front of their eyes.

Bhawani says that Ashwini can forgive Sai for once but she will never forgive her. Ninad and Ashwini also regrets what they said to virat. Everyone goes to the hospital to meet virat. Bhawani says that she promises Virat that now she won’t let sai come near him and will protect him. She ask everyone are they agree with her? No one says anything. She says that she is considering their silence as yes. Pakhi says that after some time Ashwini, Ninad, Mohit and samrat will again trusting her. Bhawani ask everyone to remember this that now no one let sai come near virat.

Will Chavan’s forgive Sai?

This is the weekly update of your favourite show ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein.

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