Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 30 January 2022 weekly

This week, Bhawani tells Ninad that she got humiliated because of his son and the whole neighbourhood knows that Sai and Virat are taking divorce because of Sonali. Sonali says she is blaming her for other’s mistake. Bhawani says earlier outsiders insulted her and now they will also insult her. She goes up in anger. Her foot trips and she falls down the steps. They take her to hospital. Samrat bumps into Virat at the reception. Virat tries to meet her but other still him to go away. Nurse comes and asks Virat to sign some documents. Sonali sees Shruti and Sahas and tells everyone that Virat has a baby.

Ninad and rest of the family asks Virat whose child this is. Mohit checks the birth certificate and sees the baby’s name as Sahas Chavan and father’s name as Virat. They all rebuke Virat for cheating on Sai. Mohit checks the birth certificate and sees the baby’s name as Sahas Chavan and father’s name as Virat. Sonali tells Bhawani that Virat has a baby. Bhawani chastises Virat for having an illegitimate child. Ashwini chastises Shruti that she broke Sai’s marriage. Shruti faints.

Shruti’s doctor calls Pulkit to tell that Shruti’s condition is deteriorating, so he should come soon. Pulkit tells doctor to give her injection soon. Doctor says Shruti is too weak and her body may not accept such a high dose. Pulkit tells Sai not to get herself involved in all this. Sai says she is just trying to help Shruti. Family brings Bhawani home. Bhawani curses Shruti to never be better again. Pulkit asks Sai how she can forgive Virat and Shruti. Sai requests Pulkit to save Shruti. Sai asks Virat to pray for his wife’s life and remain strong for her. Sai sees him and thinks Virat is in bad condition with worry and prays to God to help him live a good life with his wife and baby.

Sai gives injection to Shruti and her vitals start stabilising. Pakhi is shocked to know that Virat has a baby with Shruti. Pakhi thinks Virat cheated her to marry Sai and then cheated Sai to live with Shruti. Shruti thanks Pulkit for doing her surgery. She says he saved her child from becoming an orphan. Sai is puzzled. Shruti says she needs to talk to her for ten minutes. Sai says they can talk professionally but nothing personal. Nurse asks Virat for sweets as both his wife and baby are safe now. Sai says she will give her money to distribute sweets to whole staff. Virat says he wants to talk to Sai. Sai says he has everything now, even a baby. She tells Virat and Shruti that they are very lucky and should take care of each other.

Virat tells Shruti that if Sai is willing to listen then he only will clear all her misunderstandings. Virat tells her that he has arranged a safe house for her. Shruti asks him to stay with them since he does not have a place to stay. Virat reports for duty. DIG asks him who Shruti is. He says Virat has 72 hours to give an explanation and if his reply is not satisfactory, he will be fired. Sai shows Pulkit the newspaper which has news of suspension of Virat. She says her safety and promising future is all thanks to Virat and he carried out his responsibility towards her. Sai says she has an idea to save Virat. Sai says if she proves that they are already divorced then this will not look as bad.

Sai tells Pulkit that she will never be able to forgive herself if he loses his job because of her. Sai says they are nobody to judge Virat and she has decided to go to Chavan Nivas and will tell Virat about divorce. Shruti is shocked to see newspaper article and says she will goo to her parent’s place. Virat says she will arrested if she reveals her identity outside. He says he was wrong to think that Sai and his family trusted him completely. Sai calls him and asks him to come to Chavan Nivas.

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