Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 6 February 2022 weekly

This week, Sai calls Virat and asks him to come to Chavan Nivas. Bhawani and others get embarrassed to see Virat’s news in newspaper. Samrat says they should not be concerned about Virat anymore. Sai comes to Chavan Nivas. Family is shocked to see her there. Ninad, Ashwini, Shivani and Samrat are happy to see her but Bhawnai, Sonali and Omkar rebuke her. Pakhi also taunts her. Sai tells that she has read the news and she already knows about Virat and Shruti’s child. Pakhi says Virat was always like this and Sai could not keep Virat to herself and he chose lover out of lover and best friend.

Ashwini says there is no need to take Virat’s name when Sai has come to meet them. Sai says she is going to take divorce from Virat. Everyone is shocked. Samrat says she is saying this in anger. Sai says she has taken this decision calmly. Ashwini says Virat will soon realise that his life is incomplete without her. Sai says everything is over between them, so they should separate legally too. Bhawani blames Ashwini for their divorce. She says a man always chooses the woman who has his child.

Virat comes and no-one is ready to talk to him. Sai gives divorce papers to Virat to sign. Virat is shocked. Sai says he has the last chance to tell her the reason to break her heart, because after this she will refuse to recognise him. Mansi asks Virat to tell the whole truth, if there is something they do not know. Ashwini wishes she never had a child. Virat says a relationship is built on trust, when there is no trust there is no point. Virat says he will sign the paper after she signs them. Sai agrees to sign first.

Sai says the soul has left their dead marriage and it is now just the funeral. She signs the papers. Virat signs them too. Virat tells Ashwini and Sai to take care and leaves. Bhawani says they have embarrassed them. Sai says Virat has given them this family’s heir, which she always wanted. Pulkit visits her in hostel. He asks her why she gave him freedom. Sai says she will go to DIG and remove all blames from Virat. Pulkit says how can she defend her own abuser. Shruti gives food to Virat. Virat tells her to leave him alone. Virat says the right to take care of him belongs only to one person and none else can take her place.

Pulkit tells Sai that Virat is a cheat and he will Shruti also one day. Pulkit says she must forget Virat completely. Sai says she also wants that but she has to stay in the city to complete her studies. Pulkit says Virat will always be with her unless she takes him out of her heart. Virat says sorry to Shruti and says he is not in his right mind. Shruti asks him to eat food to his mental health will affect his physical health too. Virat goes from there. Sai goes to DIG’s office. She says Virat married Shurti after they had separated. Sai says Virat married her out of obligation as Virat had promised her dying father and their marriage was a deal. Sai goes out and bumps into Virat. Sai gives him the divorce certificate and says he might need it.

DIG asks Virat to prove his innocence. Virat says he has no proof and gives his resignation letter. Virat requests him not to consider any documents given by Sai. Virat visits Sai in her hostel room. He returns the divorce certificate and asks her not to do unsolicited favours. Pulkit comes there and tells him to get out. He abuses Virat. Virat promises her that he will not show her his face again and leaves. Shruti asks Virat where he was, so he tells her not to expect anything from him. Shruti says he cannot insult her to assuage his guilt. Virat says she should not believe that something could become real between them. Shruti says she regrets taking help from him and will leave with her child.

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