Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 6 March 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, Sai sees everyone coming out of the ICU. She tries to stops Mohit and ask him how’s Virat? Bhawani says that she promised viraat that now she will not let her go near him. She says she is a bad luck for him. Sai says she knows she made a mistake by not trusting him but don’t give her such a big punishment. Bhawani says that because of her they are already suffering so much. She says that they are about to lose their son.

Pulkit ask the doctor what happened? He says that the poison is started spreading in Virat’s body fastly. He tells him that they need to operate him, but the injection which is needed for this operation is not available. Sai calls her friends and one of her friend tell her that he knows where she get this injection from. He says but someone has to go there to get the infection. Sai remember that DIG sir gave her the keys of Virat’s car. She decided to drive the car to get the injection.

Then Sai drove the car towards the godown to get the injection. Sai reaches the godown and says that now she will take the injection from here and will reach the hospital on time. Sai decided to climb the pipe and goes inside the godown. The watchman sees her going from there. Sai somehow manages to escape from there.

Sai get caught by the police on her way to the hospital. She tells the officer that she needs this injection because her husband’s life is in danger. She tells him that she is the wife of Virat. Police officer says apologise to her and says that they will also come with her. Sai reaches hospital and directly goes inside the operation theatre and gives the injection to doctor. Bhawani sees Sai and ask everyone what is she doing here?

Pulkit says that they should be thankful to Sai because she has arranged the injection. Pakhi says that she is also the one who is responsible for this condition of virat. Samrat says that they have stopped believing Sai. DIG sir comes and tells Sai that she has done a brave act by arranging the injection for Virat. Doctor also comes outside and says that Virat’s condition is getting stable. He says it’s all because of Sai. Bhawani ask Sai to leave. She says that she will not go anywhere until virat gains consciousness.

Doctor tells Everyone that now Virat’s condition is stable and he is out of danger. Pulkit says that Sai has done extra effort to save Virat. Bhawani says that now Virat is fine and Sai can leave now. Then Sai comes in the getup of doctor. She says that now she is the hospital staff and also has her identity card so they can’t stop her from staying here.

Will Virat and his family forgive Sai?

This is the weekly update of your favourite show ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein.

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