Goa is my forever favourite destination in India: Rewati Limaye on National Tourism Day

“Kuttey” actress Rewati Limaye confessed that Goa is her favourite holiday destination in India. She shared that the place is an amalgamation of different cultures and food coming together and she quite enjoys it.

Speaking on the occasion of National Tourism Day, she said, “Every time I try to plan a holiday I’m always confused about whether I want to go to the hills or to the beach. But having said that, Goa is my forever destination in India. I have a little home there so whenever I travel to Goa, we travel for at least 15-20 days. So we relax and have a big holiday,” she said.

“What I like about Goa is that it is a melting pot of so many cultures because people from all over the world come and stay In Goa. So you get to meet them, interact, and try new things. The food there is amazing. Beaches are fun. So I went to goa last month and attended the serendipity art festival which was an amazing experience. I go almost every year to Goa to attend the film festival that happens there,” she added.

She calls herself an avid traveler and revealed that she loves to explore new places. She further said, “I love to travel by train over taking a flight. I love road trips. I think they are the most fun way to have a good bond with your friends while also exploring new places. I’m a big foodie. So whenever I go to a new place, I really want to try their local cuisine and local delicacies. I’m the kind of person who likes to go and chat with the locals and have some offbeat experiences. I usually don’t prefer staying in a resort, spending the whole day in a resort. I’m a person who, if I go to a new place, wants to explore everything that is there.”

But how often do you get out of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai? “In the past couple of years, I made two trips to the hills in the North. One was in December 2021 to Spiti valley. It was a winter Spiti trip so winters there are very cold and I am not a cold-loving person. I can’t stand it. But I went there. During the day the temperature was -12° and at night it used to go to -19°. It was bone-chilling cold but it was beautiful because wherever you look there’s snow and even today after a year when I close my eyes and imagine, I can see snow around me. So that was one life-changing trip for me. It was adventurous and quite tough but it did change me as a person and I realised that I can overcome any obstacle if I get to travel and do something adventurous,” she said.

“The second was when my husband and I went to Ladakh and we covered a good portion of the trip on a Royal Enfield Himalayan bike. So that was a crazy experience. We had never done such long trips riding on a bike before. We were on the second-highest motorable road. It was adventurous,” she added.

Asked her about a trip that she would love to take, and she shared that she wants to go on a bus journey from Delhi to London. “There’s a bus which takes you from Delhi to London in 70 days. It visits 18 countries on the way and it covers 20,000 kilometers. You have things that you do in 18 countries on your way. It sounds so amazing to me. Right now I cannot afford it but one day in life surely I am going to take that trip and make so many memories along the way,” Rewati ended.