Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 23 December 2020 Written Update – Agastya confronts Pushpa and Niya

At the beginning , Agastya shocks after seeing Guddan’s mother alive,then Guddan’s mother says “You get shock Agastya, it wouldn’t happened if you believed in my daughter”, then Agastya flashbacks that how Guddan used to tell him that her mother is alive but he ignored her because of his mother’s false statement that Guddan is mental, then Guddan’s mother continue “By calling yourself Guddan’s husband only you can’t become that you should also fulfill your duties towards her ,  Agastya you never believed in my daughter, my daughter always supported you she also believes in you” Gudan by stopping her mother says “Mummy do not say anything to Agastya “ then Guddan’s mother continue by saying Agastya” Look even now she is supporting you and telling her mother to stop, but now I will not stop, answer me Agastya did I said wrong to you , you can’t answer this because you always cheated my daughter and my daughter only supported you, but today you get chance to believe in her but you pressed her shoulder badly even though she was right, till now my daughter was alone but now I am with her, if you want Guddan you have to proof yourself capable of her”.

 After listing this Agastya left the house, then Guddan’s mother says to Guddan “you shouldn’t take tension of someone how does see your sacrifice” which Guddan replies “but Agastya loves me” to which Guddan’s mother says “he can but not as me, listing Guddan in my life same phase came when Antara created a gap between me and your father, I tried to tell Antara’s truth to your father but your father didn’t believe me, Guddan you should get a lesson from it and shouldn’t accept wrong things”, Guddan hugs her mother. Then Agastya standing beside his car thinks how Guddan always told the truth to him and his mother always lied to him and he shouts why this thing is happening to him. In the next scene, Pushpa and Niya cheer their drinks and Niya says “today I am really happy mummy Ji, finally we are free from that Guddan”, then Pushpa says “it was along with the game but we finally separated Guddan from Agastya and, even Agastya didn’t know the truth”, on which Niya says “mummy Ji know start preparation to marry me from Agastya”. 

By listing this Sona comes clipping from kitchen towards Pushpa and says “ wow jiji ,I have seen so many moms even I am a mom but you are really special , do you think Agastya will live happily without Guddan , even you didn’t considered the fact that Guddan is pregnant she is going to give a heir to this family”, to which Pushpa says “don’t shout on me, I will also throw out from my house”, by this statement Niya starts laughing , after seeing Niya laughing Sona throws alcohol on Niya’s face and says “Niya don’t interfere between me and jiji, we will solve are problems by our own and also listen Agastya is husband of Guddan he loves her not you ”, after seeing this Pushpa shouts at Sona ,on which Sona says “I don’t sacred from you I respect you, you think you can apart Agastya and Guddan forever, it can’t happen because god is seeing all things when god will punish he will not tolerate you”, on which Niya makes fun of Sona and Sona says  “today I only split alcohol on you , after this I will beat you”, after this Sona walks away from them and Niya says “mummy jiji this type of people are like housefly they can’t harm us don’t take tension , I am going to change my clothes after that we will go to a five star restaurant for celebration”.

Suddenly Agastya comes and says “where are you going Niya we will celebrate here, after all, you guys have done so much to separate me and Guddan”.In the next scene, Chote Guddan in her room puts Agastya’s photos and Guddan takes them in her hand, to which Chote says “mummy please put them back this is the pictures of my future baby’s father”’ to which Guddan says “For the making that baby strong I am doing this if Agastya doesn’t believe you then how can he give that love which you deserve”.

On which Chote Guddan’s brother replies “Agastya really loves Guddan, he saved Chote without considering his life”, on which Guddan replies “I am grateful of Agastya for saving Chote’s life but it doesn’t mean he can hurt Guddan anytime, yes Agastya is a good person but his feelings are weak, he believes whatever his mother tells to him, he has to work hard to regain Chote in his life back until then I will not list his name in this house”. After saying this she leaves that room.

In the next scene, Agastya opens a box of cake after seeing that cake Niya and Pushpa becomes shocked, Agastya cuts a piece from the cake and give it to his mom saying “This cake’s first bite is your mom, this cake is for the celebration of ruining my life”’ and then he shouts eat that cake and throws away that cake, after listing his loud voice other members of the family also gether, Pushpa tries to calm down him by saying his nickname Chickoo,on which Agastya replies “ don’t call me Chickoo, by taking this name you have order everything which I listened blindly, but you have betrayed me, you have separated me and Guddan, you said Guddan mental and so much more“, to which Pushpa says “Guddan deserved that because she tried to put me in the jail by the help of your Agastya, and you know it feels bad when your own son wants to put you into the jail because of this I hate Guddan and separated her from you ”, on which Agastya says “You deserved that mom, and I hate mom, I hate you till my death mom”. {Episode Ends}  



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