Happy Valentine’s Day: Celebs walk down the memory lane, talk about when they first heard about valentine’s and share the significance of this occasion in their lives

Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day round the corner couples are getting ready to make their February 14 an amazing experience. V-Day celebrations have become a culture worldwide. The day, according to many, is not just about couples, it has everything to do with love that can be for your mother, sister, father, brother or friend. Celebrities share when was the first time they came to know about the occasion, and the significance of the day in their lives. They also talk about how they are planning to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year:

Delnaaz Irani- I was in college when I got to know about Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Hug Day etc. We also got to know that Valentine’s is all about love. As such there is no significance of V-Day in my life because if you love a person then love has to be celebrated every single day, whether it is your parents, siblings, friends or partner. Yes, it’s a special day for all the couples. Basically the concept is blown out of proportion. Percy (DJ and Delnaaz’s partner) and I do special things for each other whenever we feel like and that day becomes our V-Day.
Rahul Bhatia- I had heard about Valentine’s Day just in movies, never experienced it in real life. That time people used to say that the person whom you propose on Valentine’s Day, never says ‘no’. At least that’s what we got to know in school. I never had the guts to propose to someone in school. Valentine’s Day is a western culture, but if this day is for love then love can be for anybody. This time we are expecting, so we would be celebrating this day at home. I will cook something nice for my wife, Meenakshi. We have a pet  named Chickoo, who would be a part of our celebration. Every relationship is lovely. Next Valentine’s Day would be with all four having a good time together.
Hasan Zaidi- I would be celebrating my Valentine with my wife Christina. She has been my support system and she complimets my life beautiful. She has given me work life balance. I can’t think of life without her. For me Valentine is a day to express your love to all the people who matter. It is not just about romantic love but human love as well. I will be with my family on Valentine Day and spend some quality time.
Ajay Singh Chaudhary- I heard about Valentine’s when I was in college in 2001. That time social media was not there so that time for apart from birthday, diwali and holi we got one more occasion to celebrate and we got to know that we can celebrate it with your loved ones. That time on 14th February, people used to give each other cards and the atmosphere used to be really nice. We all used to roam around with friends that day. It’s related to love and it can be with anyone with your parents, your girlfriend, wife or daughter or your friends. For me, it is just an occasion where we can celebrate our relationship and spend quality time. Since my daughter came, we all celebrate it together. My valentine is my wife- Jyoti, my daughter and my mom. This Valentine’s Day, I would be shooting but I will try to take out some time and take my family out for a nice dinner or maybe some outing. Or else I will get some cakes. No plan as such for now but the important thing is to be together. My daughter is excited about Valentine’s day and she enjoys every occasion and every festival
Muskan Verma- I heard about Valentine’s Day for the first time when I was a teenager. Love is not only about gifts and chocolate, it’s about giving happiness to your loved ones, and for that, there’s no particular day. So for me every day is V-day.  My Krishna Ji and my family are my first and last love.
Hansa Singh- I have known about Valentine’s Day since school because our school was an English medium American aided institute. We used to celebrate all Valentine’s week going up to February 14. The day, as we all know, is all about love and that is the most significant thing and emotion in our life. Love is something that you look up to. Over the years, we have evolved much, and understood the true meaning of love. You have to love yourself first as love attracts love. This year, I am travelling to Dubai so I will be with my brother and meet some of my old friends. I will spend Valentine’s Day with my ex and it would be nice to catch up with him.
Hemal Dev- I had heard about it in college but never celebrated it. I don’t believe in celebrating one single day of love. My plan for this Valentine’s Day is to take mom for a really nice dinner as she would be visiting me and often travels back and forth from my town Kolapur to Mumbai to be with me, to give me moral support. I am happy to be with her on V-Day. It would be a mom-daughter date. We will be spending some quality time with each other, she taught me what love truly means.
Prateik Chaudhary- I heard about it in my school days as we used to have chocolate day and rose day before valentine and in school time we used to get chocolate and flowers. There is no specific significance of Valentine Day or any such special days that fall in a year, because I find weird making someone feel special on just one day. I believe that you should make everyone feel special on every day. In the future, when I will have a partner I won’t just make her feel special on one day, rather I will make her feel special everyday. This time, I would be shooting for my show Sindoor Ki Keemat so we will celebrate this day on the sets. This day can be celebrated with anyone who is close to you so I would be celebrating with my family and friends
Rohan Birla- When I was in 10th grade, I heard about Valentine’s Day as everyone used to talk about it and I didn’t know what it was then. I searched on google and found out that it is for couples to celebrate happiness and love. For me, Valentine’s is good as it is a day to celebrate love. I am single so I have no plans as such, but Valentine is not just for couples, it is for everyone and every relationship. Well this year there is no celebration as such, but I do watch 80’s movie and since my sister is in Mumbai for studies so we both will go for a movie.
Pranav Misshra- We started hearing about it this day as kids. After growing up we have understood Valentine’s Day in a better way. It’s a day to celebrate with your loved ones. Those who have romantic partners, this day have a lot of significance. When I was in a serious relationship the day was very significant for me as well, but now I am single there are different feelings. This Valentine’s Day, I will be shooting. Let’s be optimistic and always be positive. I hope I get the blessings of Saint Valentine and Cupid does his magic on me. Whatever little time I get, I would be celebrating it with my mother and my sister who recently got married.