Harphoul Mohini 26 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Maai lets Mohini know that everybody seeing the last’s boldness. She lets her family know that she choosed the best young lady for Harphoul. Harphoul’s companion acclaims Mohini. Mohini says that everybody did together. Maai lets her that the last option show know this way to them. Mohini lets Harphoul know that they are solid together and they simply have to trust one another. Harphoul requests that she not fly excessively. He is going to shake hand with her. In any case, Maai stops him and requests that he acclaim Mohini then hand shake with her.

Harphoul says that he comprehended that mind likewise expected to have a blissful existence. He requests that Mohini become her accomplice. She enlightens him that she will think and she shakes hand with him. Maai grins seeing them. Mohini lets Harphoul know that this is simply initial step. Town individuals drones Harphoul and Mohini’s name. Shalini tells Santok tells Mohini did nothing enormous that everybody commending her like this. Balwant gets annoyed seeing the letting it be known.

Vijayan calls Mohini and tells her that he is so pleased with her. Shyamala salutes Harphoul. Mohini’s sister advises Mohini that she need to see Harphoul likewise in the TV. Maai lets her significant other know that Mohini won against Balwant indeed. She says that now she is certain that she will get equity for her better half’s passing.

Columnist asks Balwant that who attempted to obliterate the latrine of Harphoul’s home. Mohini attempts to fix the latrine entryway. Harphoul tells her that she is fouling up. He assists her with fixing the latrine entryway. Writers shows that in live broadcast. Mohini’s folks and Mohini’s sisters gets cheerful seeing that in their TV. Mohini lets Harphoul know that they fixed this together. Harphoul tells her that they are accomplices now.

Sarpanch says that Balwant believed everybody should assemble latrine in their town. Balwant says that he saw that how his mom sufffered without latrine. Also, that day he concluded that he will ensure that everybody utilize their home latrine. Town woman believes that Balwant said something different couple of moments back. Balwant says that he brought his town individuals to show Harphoul’s home latrine so everybody can get motivated seeing that and fabricate latrine in their home as well. Shalini feels that nobody can beat Balwant in this.

Harphoul and Santok flies off the handle hearing Balwant. Maai moves before Balwant to bother him. Harphoul and others gets blissful seeing Maai. Everybody joins her. Maai daydreams her significant other and she gets profound. Harphoul moves around Balwant to disturb him. He hauls Mohini to move. Balwant leaves from that point. Maai imagines that her significant other should be cheerful today.

Balwant darkens his folks face. He says that Mohini won indeed. He adds that his next assault will be perilous. Shalini washes the utensils. She lets herself know that she just does family errands in this house. Balwant calls Shalini. Mohini takes Shalini’s telephone.