Here’s why Dhruv Bhandari relates to his character Abhay Bhardwaj in Bindiya Sarkar

Dhruv Bhandari returned to TV with Dangal TV’s Bindiya Sarkar seven years after Tere Sheher Mein ended. What better GEC to make a comeback on than Dangal TV that’s hailed for its fresh and youth-centric content. He is currently seen as the male protagonist Abhay Bhardwaj in Bindiya Sarkar. About his association with the GEC, he says, “The team representing the channel doesn’t believe in substandard quality in terms of content. In an attempt to dish out the best, they keep everyone on their toes and push us to deliver to the best of our ability. The experience has been great so far.”

He is equally kicked about his character in the show. So, what’s the USP of his character? He replies, “There isn’t one, as Abhay is multifaceted. If I have to mention in a nutshell, then the character is of a dutiful and righteous man. He is calm, composed, and strong irrespective of the situation. On top of that, he is genuine and generous. He has utmost respect for women.”

His conduct in his personal life, given that he is surrounded by strong women, also reflects on the professional front. That’s something he relates to Abhay on. He says, “Like Abhay, I, too, respect women. Also, I am almost as calm and composed as him. If I had to point out a difference between Abhay and me, it would be that he is stern and silent, while I am mischievous (smiles).”

When the camera isn’t rolling, Dhruv can be found bonding with the crew. He is closest to his co-actors Sonal Khilwani, Neelu Vaghela, Sikander Kharbanda and Amit Behl. He says, “I share a great bond with my co-actor Sonal Khilwani. Being the lead couple, we spend maximum time together. I also share an amazing rapport with my on-screen mother, Neelu Vaghela. My co-actor Sikandar Kharbanda is like a big brother to me and Amit Behl, who plays my father on the show, is also close to me.”

He adds, “I feel blessed to have a team that’s so warm and accommodating. We get along so well. A healthy equation is imperative for a healthy work atmosphere on the set.”

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