Hiten Paintal hopes 2023 will be good for him both professionally and personally

Every time Hiten Paintal is asked about how the last year has been, he replies saying that “it has been a good year”. For 2023, he has a similar thing to say as there are always “ups and downs, but that’s life” and it’s wrong to judge it by the year. The Muskurane Ki Vaje Tum Ho actor elucidates his viewpoint while looking forward to a new year.

“A lot of things happen in a year, in particular it could be just coincidence. I have met some great friends, made some new friends who are family to me and in 2022 I returned to Television after a long gap. Sadly the show got over soon but it was a great experience being back and meeting so many friends like Kunal Jaisingh, Jignesh Joshi and Abhishek Malik. Glad I met them again,” he adds.

2022, however, didn’t meet Hiten’s expectations professionally. “2022 has not given me any career related milestone, but I’m a positive person, so it’s okay. Kabhi kaam jyada aata toh kabhi kam. Koi tension nahi hai,” he says.

He hopes 2023 will be good. “There are a couple of things happening, some projects are in the pipeline, and I’m hoping that they come true. One of them has been stuck for two years because of the pandemic but hopefully from January it will go on the floor,” he continues, “I’m also planning to do something new from January. I’m not changing my career path but there’s something new and exciting which I will let people know when the time is right. I think that would be another great thing I will be doing.”

So what’s the first word/thing that comes to your mind when you are asked to complete, ‘In 2023 I would like to do ……’? Hiten is quick to reply, “The first word that comes to my mind when I say: In 2023 I would like to do everything. Personally, maybe skydiving as I have been wanting to do it for long. I did Bungee jumping but I want to do Skydiving now. And professionally, I want to do more good quality work. Do something that’s a little off-beat, something a little different.”