Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Update, Arto telling Imlie that he will always support her in every situation. She shows him her childhood photos and her parents’ photos too. He says she was cute in childhood. She says he meant now she is not cute. He pulls her closer saying now she is even more cute. Satyakam says they both remind him of Aryan and Imlie. They both should always be happy. Imlie’s first love became her lesson, this should not happen with her daughter as well. Satyakam prays to God for Imlie and Arto. He protects the Diya flame from blowing off. Arto makes music with the stuffs he found around. Imlie tells Satyakam to enjoy listening to his music. Satyakam says Meethi is not home so he couldn’t arrange much food for them.

Imlie says she will help him to cook but Arto says he is also good in making food. Men will prepare food today. Satyakam says he is preparing Bajra khichdi. Everyone laughs at him and Imlie says Satyakam doesn’t have knowledge of cooking. Bajra khichdi will take time to get prepared. Later Arto gets tensed knowing the internet connection is poor here so he can’t search any recipe on the internet. Later Rana Men hussle in the kitchen and mess everything up. Ladies enjoy their struggle and Imlie signals Arto secretly to follow right process to fire the chula.

At last Shivani says she can’t taste the dishes as it looks risky to her. Imlie tastes it first and finds it delicious. She tells everyone to eat it without worry. Satyakam thanks Ranas for their visit and gifts them some small presents. He gives Imlie’s mother’s bangle to her, also some valuable yet meaningful stuffs. Imlie gets emotional and accepts them. She wears the bangles and Satyakam tells her not to lose hope in life and become strong like her mother. Imlie starts driving the truck and Rana’s decide to come to Pagdandiya often as they had a great time here.

Some goons surround them in midway and hold Rana’s at gunpoint. Arto tells them to leave his family and tells them not to act like coward. The goons try to seize the ladies’ jewels. They ask for the bangles from Imlie. Imlie says she won’t give Satyakam and her mother’s blessings to these goons. She kicks one of the men and Arto Rudra start beating them. But in the end the goons again point guns at them. Arto cant understand what to do now. Imlie encourages the ladies to throw stones at those goons fearlessly. They have limited guns but have unlimited stones. The goons fall down after getting hit by the stones. Imlie fires the gun in the sky and tells the goons to run away. Rana ladies thank Imlie for erasing the fear in them with her courageous words. They ask her but what about the jewels they lost and they see a goon is running with the jewels. Imlie picks a coconut and Arto says she will hit the goon with it. Imlie does so and the goon falls down. Arto questions him who sent them here. The goon takes Dhairya’s name and Imlie thinks she heard this name before as well.

Precap- Dhairya asks Imlie why she snatched his position without any experience. She says women can work in transport as well and she will prove that to him very soon. She is strong as she is Imliya’s daughter Imlie. He accepts the challenge.

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