Imlie 17th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Aryan going to room and he messes up everything. He says he is tired of asking the same questions to lmlie and hearing the same answers from her. He can’t bear the pain anymore. Jaggu comes to him and he says how he first spotted Chini in the mansion, Aryan recalls Imlie and says he also sees her everywhere he goes.

He thought he won’t see her face again but now he is feeling good and he can’t forget the damage she caused to him. He hugs Jaggu and controls his tears. Narmada says to Imlie that they are happy to see her back and she should not leave. Imlie says but she just came here to take back Chini. Malini taunts her saying if she only wanted Chini back then she could have sent anybody to take her from the mansion. Aryan would have sent Chini to Pagdandiya.

Malini adds Imlie came here for money as she needs that. She wants to get sympathy from them but they won’t give shelter to a beggar like her. Sundar says only Malini has doubts on Imlie unlike them. Malini says he won’t teach her how to treat her step sister. Imlie says she is not here for any such motive. She doesn’t need anything from them.

Malini still talks ill about Imlie and Chini tries to shut her up but Imlie tells her not to be rude with Malini. Chini asks why? Imlie is about to tell Malini is her mother but then she diverts the topic saying Malini is elder than Chini so she won’t be rude. Imlie leaves with Chini and Narmada tries to stop her. Arpita says they should let her go and five years ago noone supported Imlie and if now she took a decision on her own, they all should respect her choice and support her.

Imlie ignores Aryan while leaving but Chini stops. Chini tells Aryan that they are leaving forever. Imlie controls her tears and gives her hand to Chini but Chini unites Aryan and Imlie’s hands. Imlie and Aryan hold it tightly and turn back to face each other. They close their eyes, After opening Aryan recalls their argument that whenever he will hold Imlie’s hand, it will remind him of Imlie’s impulsive nature due to which he lost their baby. They leave each other’s hands and Imlie goes to Chini to leave with her. Imlie’s dupatta gets stuck with Aryan’s watch. Chini says Aryan will stop them from leaving for sure.

Aryan says things can’t get fixed now, Imlie can’t get the place to stay here. Imlie says Chini came here as it was her mistake but they are leaving now and she doesn’t even want to stay here. Chini adamantly says but she doesn’t want to leave the mansion no matter what. She goes to the temple and prays for Imlie and Aryan’s togetherness. Later suddenly someone throws fire bottle inside the mansion through window. The curtain catches fire and Imlie tries to extinguish it.

Aryan saves Imlie from the fire and they get lost in each other’s eyes. Sundar uses fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. Malini and Anu get irked seeing Aryan and Imlie’s closeness. Aryan calls the police to inform about the incident. Imlie gets a chit. She reads it out which says Bhaskar Times has huge debt and they didn’t pay the amount yet. Some people are threatening Aryan to pay the debt else they will burn the office, factories and even kill the employees.

Imlie asks Aryan how’s it possible that Bhaskar Times has debt. Aryan says it’s none of her business, she may leave. Imlie asks Arpita about it and the latter says Aryan doesn’t go to office and Bhaskar Times would have been closed due to his negligence but Malini bought the 50% shares. Arpita says Aryan is not able to handle himself properly how will he handle the office work. He did wrong by sending Imlie away.

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