‘Imlie TV Show Wiki’ ( Star Plus): CAST, STORY, ROLES, REAL NAME, TIME AND MORE..

‘Imlie TV Show Wiki’ ( Star Plus): CAST, STORY, ROLES, REAL NAME, TIME AND MORE’

Imlie is a small village girl who has dreams of higher education. She thinks that villagers has intelligence and ambitions in their life.
Aditya is a famous journalist. He is in a relationship with Malini.

For an interview, he visits Pangdandia. Due to a heavy strom Aditya and Imlie spend a night together. Later on due to this incident villagers forces them to get marry.

Imlie comes with Aditya to Delhi. She starts living there as a domestic helper in Aditya’s family . Later on, she learns the truth that she is in between Malini and Aditiya love story. She supports Aditya and doesn’t reveal anything to Malini. Aditya and Malini get married without any trouble.

Malini wants to know about Imlie background. Malini visits Imlie’s village.
After meeting with Meethi she learns that Imlie is Dev’s illegitimate daughter. Anu gets shocked to know that Imlie is her stepdaughter and Malini’s step-sister.

Malini tells Dev to reveal his past to everyone but Dev gets a heart attack. Anu blames Imlie and tries to humiliate her. Imlie confronts her. Later on Dev wants to accept Imlie as his daughter.

Aditya realizes that he loves Imlie and Malini is just his friend only. Malini decides to get divorce from Aditiya. Aditiya decides that he will gives all rights of wife to Imlie which she deserves.

Later on, Imlie tries to win the heart of Tripathi’s Family as they refused to accept a maid-to-daughter-in-law of their family.
Aditya is kidnapped by terrorists and Malini and Imlie try to save him. Imlie fights with the terrorists and saves Aditya. Police appreciate Imlie. Aditya also gives credit to Imlie in front of the media. Malini feels bad.

Anu mixes something in Malini’s food to take revenge on Imlie and Aditya. Aditya thinks that Malini second time tried to commit suicide and he brings back Malini to Tripathi’s house.

It is interesting to watch that What will happen in Imlie life whether she will win the heart of Tripathi’s family. What next challenge will be faced by Aditya and Imlie when Malini comes back? What will be Anu’s next move to destroy Imlie’s and Aditya’s life?

Imlie  (Star Plus)
Genre Drama
Leading Cast Sumbul Touqeer Khan
Directed by Atif Khan
Producer Gul Khan
Karishma Jain
Creative director Muskan Bajaj
Story Ved Raj
Vera Raina
Aakriti Atreja
Written by Divy Sharma
Aparajita Sharma
Editor Shashank H. Singh
Rakesh Lal Das
DOP Nidhin Valanday
Music Shubham Sundaram
Prakash Gaikwad
Production House 4 Lions Films


Channel Name Star Plus
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm
Running Time 20-22 Minutes
Date 16 November 2020
Language Hindi
Country India


Sumbul Touqueer

AS:  Imlie

Mayuri Deshmukh

AS: Malini 


Kiran Khoje

AS: Mithi


Jyoti Gauba

AS: Anu


Indraneel Bhattacharya

AS: Imlie’s Father


Preet Kaur

AS: Aditya’s cousin sister


Chandresh Singh

AS: Pankaj Tripathi

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