In Dangal TV’s Mann Sundar, the new drama begins

The fastest-growing channel, Dangal TV, is becoming more and more popular for its unique content. They offer five hours of brand-new content every day, and viewers adore their variety of entertainment.

Shivam Khajuria, Shruti Anand, Manisha Saxena, Aparna Ghoshal, Suraj Punjabi, and Shivanshi Das are among the notable actors in Mann Sundar.

The latest track on the show is where Naresh Goyal(Sanjay Bhatia)(Nihar’s Father) gets well because of Ruchita (Shruti Anand). Ruchita wants to leave but Aanchal (Shivanshi Das) asks her to stay. The marriage of Aanchal and Nihar(Shivam Khajuria) is a marriage based on contract and Nihar is still married to Ruchita . The contract marriage was signed because Nihar caused an accident which involved Annchal’s parents and to take care of her, he got into a contract marriage with her. Will Ruchita stay under one roof with Aanchal even after knowing that Aanchal is none other than Nihar’s second wife? To find out, keep watching Mann Sundar every Monday to Saturday prime time at 8.30 PM.