Kundali bhagya 1 December 2020 Written Update : Sarla is freed from jail

At the beginning of the episode, Rishabh tells Sherlin that Sarala is like his mother’s and he cannot see her in jail. Sherlyn says then should she let Sarla kill their child. Rishabh says Sarla cannot do anything like this and he can say this with certainty. He asks her to withdraw the case. Sherlyn says she won’t do it.

Preeta completes the ritual of Karvachauth. Karan says Preeta is awesome, who is playing the ritual even after being so sad. Ramona tells Mahira to take Rakhi’s blessings. Mahira is going to do it but Preeta takes blessings first. Rakhi tells Preeta that she always stays happy with Karan. Mahira gets irritated. She takes Kareena’s blessings. Kareena tells her that she should be happy with her husband. Mahira feels good.

Rakhi tells Karan that today he will have to give Preeta the gift that she will ask him. Preeta asks Karan to bring her mother back. She says that she wants Sarla to be released. Rakhi says that she knew that Preeta would ask for this. And Karan should fulfill her demand. Karan agrees. Sherlyn says this is wrong. Rakhi says that Sherlyn is a victim of misunderstanding. Because she is sure that Sarla cannot do anything like this. Karan goes to get Sarla released. Kareena stops him but Karan does not listen to her. Karan then goes to the lawyer and forcibly takes him to the police station.

There Sarla tells Srishti that he should go home. Srishti says she will not go anywhere. Sarla asks Janaki to take Srishti from here. Janaki says neither she will go nor will she take Srishti out of here. Sarla gets upset with them. Preeta comes to the police station. She tells the police that she wants to meet Sarla. Police say she cannot meet her at this time. But then Karan and Rishabh come there and Sarla gets bail. Sarla meets Preeta. Sarla further apologizes to Rishabh and says that she did not add poison in Ladu. Rishabh says that he knows that Sarla cannot do anything like this.

Sarla says that she feels that they should go home now because the ritual of Karvachauth is also to be performed. Karan says that he will always take care of Preeta. There Ramona apologizes to Mahira. She asks why is she apologizing. Sherlyn says because Sarla is freed from jail. Mahira is shocked.

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