Kundali bhagya 18 December 2020 Written Update – Karan and Preeta spent some good moments

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi tells Sarla like others they too have some bad elements in are life but she is sure that soon everyone accepts Preeta as bahu. Also, Luthra’s house is Sarla’s house too so always comes there whenever she wants to meet Preeta. Sarla smiles saying she will come soon and never forget her words. There, Karan’s eyes are mesmerized seeing the beauty of nature. Preeta says she has no more strength, she can’t take more steps.

Karan says he is a fit man he is a cricketer and plays a lot but Preeta always lays in the house and doing nothing rather than eating. He calls her fat which makes Preeta angry. He says sorry and adds that he didn’t know that his car gets broke. Preeta says but she can’t walk more. Karan asks her to take some more steps then they will soon reach Dhaba and eat good food. She asks him to pick her up in his arm and then they can go Dhaba.

He denies this and says no he can’t do it. Preeta sits in the middle of the road. Seeing that Karan lifts her as he doesn’t have any other option. After a while Preeta says to Karan that now he can put her down, she can walk. There Srishti wants to make tea but she wasn’t able to find the stuff. Sameer helps her. She asks him to stay away from her. Sameer didn’t listen to her, he comes forward. Janki comes there and catches them. This makes both of them shy.

Later Karan and Preeta reach Dhaba. Preeta feels good. She orders the whole menu of Dhaba. Karan is surprised. Preeta says what, aren’t you saying I eat a lot so am doing the same. She asks him to go and play to become more fit. Preeta and notice dancing dancer. She and Karan too dance with them. Sarla says she feels good that she came here. Rakhi says Sarla should too visit Luthra’s house often. Both then prayed for Preeta and Karan’s successful marriage. Later Karan and Preeta reach the hotel.

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