Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 29 June 2021 Written Update -Kevari orders Amrit to stay in the servant’s Room

At the beginning of the episode, Nalini introduces Randhir to his bhua Kaveri. Bhua tells Randhir that she had named him Prem because love is very important in life. Randhir looks at Amrit while Bhua looks at Vijender. Amrit is about to enter the house but bhua stops her. She tells her that Amrit is Veer’s widow so she will stay in the servants’ room from now on. Randhir does not approve of this.

He tells her that his orthodox thinking is wrong and he will not let this happen to Amrit. Kaveri tells Randhir that it has been only 47 days since he has come here and he wants to break these rules. Kaveri gets upset with his words. Amrit asks Randhir to keep calm and adds that she wants to ask Nalini about this. Nalini says that if this is the rule of this house, then this rule must have been made after some thought. Amrit says then she will follow this rule.

When Amrit asks Babubhai to show her room, Kaveri asks her to carry the burden herself. Amrit leaves from there. Kaveri wants Mohan’s wife to cook a lot of dishes for her today. There Amrit gets shocked seeing her room. Her room is full of mud. She cleans up when Randhir comes. He gets upset seeing Amrit’s condition and decides that he will tell the whole truth to Nalini.

Amrit gives him Nalini’s medicines and tells her that he should throw them away and then tell the truth to Rani Maa. After that, we began to see what would happen. Randhir understands her point that he should not do anything in haste because his mother’s health is not good. Randhir praises her because every time she sacrifices her happiness for others.

Uday and Vasma also come to their old house. Uday welcomes Vasma. Further Vasma tells Uday that she feels bad for Amrit as they have met but Amrit and Randhir are still separated from each other. Further, Uday comes to know that he can now play hockey for India. He gets very happy and hugs her. Vasma’s eyes moisten and Uday asks her what has happened to her.

Vasma says that if the people come to know about her secret, then their happiness will be eclipsed. Uday tells her not to worry. Mohan’s wife asks Kaveri how the food is prepared, Kaveri says that the food is very tasteless. She asks for kheer from Nalini. And praises the kheer. Randhir asks will Amrit not come to eat food. Kaveri says that Amrit cannot eat food while sitting with them.