Merry Christmas: Celebs talk about who they want to gift something special as their Secret Santa

It’s the season to spread the cheer, be it among your loved ones, your own self or those who are less privileged. With Christmas round the corner, happiness is in the air. Apart from wishing people good health, bliss and Merry Christmas, this is also the time to give gifts to those we care about. Celebrities share who they want to give something and why as a Secret Santa. They also share their Christmas plans this year:

Hasan Zaidi
Christmas has always been big in our house since childhood. I’m married to Christina. She is an Australian and very attached to Christmas obviously because she is catholic, so is our daughter. Everybody looks forward to Santa and all the gifts that come along with it and obviously there is a lot of merriment. There is some good drinking of wine and people getting together is always something we all look forward to. All our friends know that Christmas is going to be big in our house. So it’s a yearly event, as we take the cheer forward to the coming year. I think nothing is going to change this year, hopefully. And since now I have a daughter, her wish list is my wish list. I know her wish list because she sends a letter to Santa every year, which obviously comes to me through her mother without her knowing. ‘Toh unki wishlist hum puri kar paye yahi zindagi ki koshish hai’.

Ridhiema Tiwari
I would like to be Secret Santa for my husband Jaskaran Singh. He recently lost his favourite pair of white shoes. He searched for them for days and couldn’t find them. I would love to give him a new pair. It’ll be a delight to surprise him and see the child like joy on his face. We have a Christmas tree at home that we’ll be decorating. Besides mistletoes and decorative lights, we’ll order Santa caps and click lots of family pictures around the tree. We will also indulge in some delicious Christmassy food and cakes. Plum cake is my most favourite and will also distribute cookies and chocolates. If I pack up early, we have plans for a Christmas dinner. It’s an excuse to put on some stylish winter wear and enjoy cozy family dinner with some great English retro music on a chilly Christmas night.
Kavitta Verma
Christmas is about gifts and fun. And yes the Santa gift is anticipated, mine will be going out too along with prayers. Love this month as the year comes to an end. One thing I’ve been wanting and waiting for a long time is having a Maltipoo as a family member. Hope this wish comes true as soon as possible. That’s what I’ll ask Santa for. My Christmas is going to be quiet and at home.

Ranaksh Rana
I think Secret Santa is a good way to get someone you closely admire, something special to wish well to show how much you appreciate them. This Christmas, I’d like to be the Secret Santa of my brother Neil Vijay Singh and give him a bag full of good wishes, hoping that this Christmas lights up his life, work and surrounds him with happy memories for life. We are friends as much as we are brothers. He has always been my partner-in-crime as well as my guardian. And giving something that has materialistic value is beyond us. I would want him to be on top of the world, and I hope my wishes get him there. Christmas is about positivity and good vibes, and I’m hoping that this Christmas brings us all some compassion, happiness and satisfaction for the year ahead. I would like to spend a low-key Christmas Eve reminiscing about the good times and maybe watching Home Alone or some other Christmas movie.
Reyen Eyes
Well, I want to answer this from a musical point of view because I have only had Secret Santas in an out-of-home setting. I would like to gift a Vinyl of 1628 to Mr Devraj Sanyal, the MD of Universal Music India. What is happening with music in India could have been delayed for decades if he wasn’t the one handling the reins. This vinyl would make a perfect present for him. There are some other amazing people out there but he was the first one that comes to my mind at the moment. I have wonderful long-awaited plans this Christmas and New Year. I am going to North-East India with my best travel buddy, my dad. The whole purpose is to just give 2022 the best start with a hunger for more. I also want to empty my mind, get reborn and dive into my then state of mind and come back to the shore with a new album, as 1628 is an album about my life until 18 years old, and now I am ‘18+’.
Sagar Parekh
Christmas is around the corner and yes I  would love to gift my both parents a pair of precious watches and this would be a gift in return for all the sacrifices that they have made while parenting me and my younger brother. So I have always thought about it and since I’m capable of gifting them now. I’m definitely going to do it. And yes I’m going back to my hometown Ahmedabad and I’m going to spend some quality time with my family, my parents and I’m going to meet my grandmother and spend some quality time with her. This is all I want to spend some time with my family at the end of the year.
Ssumier Pasricha 
Well I don’t have any Christmas plans this year because I am travelling and away from the family, but to my mom I would love to gift a holiday package to Kashmir for a much needed break she deserves.
Joyita Chatterrjee
If I want to gift something on Christmas and be a secret santa for someone then surely it’s my mother. And the gift would be my father. If there’s a secret Santa then he would definitely bring back my father.
Perneet Chauhan
I plan to stay home with my family, wish people virtually and also I plan to plant a tree this christmas.
I would send a gift to Shahrukh khan via secret santa.
I would bake a cake for him and send a handwritten note appreciating his humility and telling him he’s the most romantic man on the silver screen. He’ll always be every girls “Raj”
Ragini Nandwani 
I would like to be the Secret Santa of my mother. And as her gift, I would like to take her on a trip to Norway where we can enjoy the natural and historical beauty as well as the spectacular northern lights.