Molkki 11 July 2021 Weekly Written Update

Molkki is about the tale of an energetic, young, and pretty girl, Purvi, performed by Priyal Mahajan. While Purvi desires of reaching her goals of cutting the restraints of poverty and getting a name for herself, she is pushed into an arranged marriage with the village ruler, Virender Pratap Singh (played by Amar Upadhyay), a widowed father of two and twice her age and, still in love with his former wife. Soon, she realizes that she has been “sold” by her father and is only a clause for the legacy of his uncle’s land. Will she stand up and fight for her honor? Will her marital deal blossom into a caring connection?

Let’s see what happened in “Molkki ” This week.

Shakshi tells Virender no one should know that I was too involved in stopping this marriage. Virender says It was good that we came across the truth and took the decision at right time. Shakshi tells Virender I tried to stop Vipul but he went off to his village. Virender tells her I should acknowledge the truth to Purvi or else she would be creating misconceptions in her mind towards me. Virender saw that Purvi was missing from her room. Later he got to know that Purvi left the house with all her stuff. Virender sat down on between the road and screams Puvri’s name. Suddenly he saw a Purvi sitting on a bench and gets happy. Purvi came to him and Virender asks where you were going leaving me alone. Purvi says I am going far from you but I am not able to do. I tried a lot of time to go far from you but I am not able this break this relation.

Virender hugs Purvi and told her if you would go back without knowing the truth then I would not able to forgive myself. Virender tells Puvri you come along with me and now no one can stop us from being together. Shakshi came across Virender and Puvri while they were coming upstairs. Then they went inside the room and Virender tells Shakshi to apologize. Shakshi says I hate you because you snatched everything from me so I started getting jealous of you then I planned to throw you out of this house. Shakshi says I manipulated you against Virender and the same I did with Virender. Shakshi says you wanted to know why I acted of not recognizing after coming out from the trap because Prakashi told me to do so.

Virender says she just betrayed us. Virender tells Purvi that I overheard Anjali, Prakashi, and Shakshi conversation through which I got to know that all this was a conspiracy to throw you out of this house. Virender started recorded them. Virender deals with Shakshi that I would forgive you but you need to go out of the country and settle over there. Shakshi aggress about his condition and but told him you won’t tell my truth to my kids.

Virender says you are not my Shashi and I think my Shakshi died in that accident 5 years back. Shakshi apologies to Purvi and went off from there. Prakashi saw Virender sitting on the sofa and ask why you bar sitting here early morning. Prakashi asked where is Shakshi? Virender said, she went off and today it’s someone’s else turn to go from this house. Virender shouted at her and says you betrayed me and you kept Shakshi under your trap for 5 year’s and you tried to snatch my property. Virender scolds Anjali for manipulating everyone against each other and making all the relations weaker. Virender told them I won’t forgive you so get lost from this house.

Prakashi says just remember this date because I would take revenge for my insult surely and I would turn everything into ash. Prakashi went to the lawyer and there she gets furious after knowing that Shakshi named all the property in the kid’s name. Few strangers were entering the village in a jeep with modern outfits. They stood their jeep in front of the Virender mansion and moved inside the house. Virender says Nandini and Veer you are here. Later Purvi ask Virneder that why you didn’t acknowledge me about them. Virender told her they don’t consider me as their Father so I am dead for them. Purvi says why tout didn’t share this sad part of life as we both could find a solution to it. Purvi ask what was the reason for doing this. Virender told her they both consider me as the culprit of Shakshi’s death as they think because of my carelessness everything happened.

Prakashi and Anjali came with their bags. Virender shouted at them for coming back into this house by manipulating them against me. Prakashi told him I haven’t done anything as they brought me back in this house and you snatched my everything from me now show me by snatching everything from these kids. Nandini told him they won’t go anywhere because I have equal rights on the property till Juhi and Manas turn 18. Veer said, you just let us know where is Shakshi. Virender told him she went very far from us and won’t come back again. Veer blames him that because of your Molkki we again lost our mother. Nandini told him we would find her and bring her back into this house and this time you have to get out of this house.

Virender and Purvi shift to the servant’s room, where Virender helps Purvi to set up the room. Veer and Nandini were missing their mom seeing her photos. Veer was clicking pictures in the village suddenly he came across a beggar asking for food. Veer bought him food and took his blessings. Sudha was too there and notices Veer’s kind gesture. Later Nandini slams Puvri for spoiling her red dress and she was about to slap her but Virender held her hand.