Molkki 18 July 2021 Weekly Written Update

Molkki is about the tale of an energetic, young, and pretty girl, Purvi, performed by Priyal Mahajan. While Purvi desires of reaching her goals of cutting the restraints of poverty and getting a name for herself, she is pushed into an arranged marriage with the village ruler, Virender Pratap Singh (played by Amar Upadhyay), a widowed father of two and twice her age and, still in love with his former wife. Soon, she realizes that she has been “sold” by her father and is only a clause for the legacy of his uncle’s land. Will she stand up and fight for her honor? Will her marital deal blossom into a caring connection?

Let’s see what happened in “Molkki ” This week.

Nandini was about to slap Purvi but Virneder held her hand. Virender warns her that if you again try to lift your finger on Purvi that I will forget that you are my daughter. Priyu was telling Purvi that you suffered a lot and again these two came again to trouble you so I would suggest you to give them a Strong reply and make them shut. Purvi says I want to wipe out their anger for Virender. Juhi and Manas came to the servant’s room with their bag and say we bot will stay together only. Purvi tries to make them understand but they told her we know they ousted you from the house. Nandini got a call from Aarav in midnight. Nandini says you promised that you would come to meet me after I will reach Rewari. Aarav told her I was busy but now I am free so we can meet now. Nandini told him I am coming to meet you soon. Purvi went to the kitchen to bring water and there she noticed that Nandini was going out of the house. Later she came back the next morning. Purvi asked her that where she was but Nandini told her not to act as a mother and be within your limits. Purvi was making Veer’s and Nandini’s favorite dish. Virender too joined her by saying that I can do this much for my kid’s Then they both together prepare food together.

Nandini went to the kids and asked them what’s going on but they didn’t talk with them properly. Nandini was about to slap Juhi but Puvri held her hand. Purvi told her it’s not a big deal if they committed a mistake but you can’t slap them. Nandini gets angry and thought I have to manipulate kid’s against Purvi. Purvi gets to know about Charan Singh and he hold grudge against Virender Because once Virender exposed him in front of the village from then Virender is the head of this Village. Purvi was about to tell Nandini about the enmity between Virender and Aarav’s father Charan Singh butt she didn’t hear her and told Purvi to for out of my room.

Purvi handover that letter to Virender and he tells that Charan Singh has challenged me for the election like last time I defeated him very badly. Purvi thought soon I have to find out that what’s in between Nandini and Aarav. At midnight Nandini went out in her car nad Purvi was too following her in an auto. Nandini was searching for Aarav in a strange place. There she saw that Aarav has arranged for a surprise for her. Purvi saw and thought he loves her then only he did so much for her.

Purvi was telling kids that today we will go for a movie and asked to Nandini but she denied going there. Priyu tells Purvi that I will definitely go with you. As soon as Veer heard Priyu coming he told them I too will come. Nandini was inviting Aarav to her home but he told her that today I have to go with my dad for the panchayat movie. Nandini told him today you would get a surprise. Nandini saw that her favorite film was playing and thought Virender has done this but Purvi did all this arrangement. While watching the movie Nandini get’s emotional and held Virender’s hand.

Purvi saw Nandini and Aarav’s shadow and went to have a look that whose shadows were they. Virender also noticed that someone is there at the backside and was moving towards it. Purvi was Aarav was about to kiss Nandini butt she pushed him and acknowledge that Virender is coming to this side only. Nandini scolds Purvi and told her I don’t need your help and I will meet him as I don’t care what you bot think. irneder came over there and tells Aarav to leave from here or else it would be bad for you. Nandini says you can’t talk to him like this. Virender made her shut down and dragged her back home. Virender warned her If she again meets him as you don’t know how bad they are. Nandini told them you both don’t pretend to be my guardian and I won’t leave him I promise.

Nandini got to know that Virender threatened Aarav’s father. Nandini told him it’s not shocking for me because I know he can’t see me happy so we would marry today itself and I am coming to you. Nandini was about to leave but Virender was standing in front at the main gate of the house. Virender was trying to drag her inside the house but she pushes him back and he fell down and a heavy vase fell on his leg. Virender screams to stop him but she went off. Aarav’s parents accepted their Love and told them there is one problem that your father hates me but for your happiness, I won’t let my rivalry come in between. Purvi heard their conversation and thought Charan Singh is not that bad so I need to convince Virender. Nandini came back home and asked where is Virender? Purvi acknowledged her about his injury but she told her it’s his own karma and I just want to tell him that tomorrow Aarav’s parents would be coming so he needs to behave properly otherwise no one will be worse than me.