It’s Mother’s Day on May 8, and preparations are on to celebrate the day throughout the world. On the occasion, celebrities talk about that one thing they would like to give their mothers and also share their fondest childhood memories with her

Abhishek Kumaarr
I am very close to my parents, especially my mom. It was the same month of last year when my mom was suffering from Covid and got hospitalized and I still get flashbacks of those difficult times. She was very serious and I was praying to God every second. At that moment I just wanted her to come back home from the hospital and that’s all I wanted in my life. I feel as children we want to give our parents so many things, but I am sure that nothing materialistic will make any mother happy. But yes, the one thing that I would like to give her to make her the happiest person on this planet is by doing the right things, saying nothing bad, being kind to the people around me and taking a stand where I should. She says that I look good in shirts of a certain colour, the reason why I have a lot of them. Simple things are enough to make her smile. I want that every moment I talk to my mom she should be proud of me. Whatever I am doing in my life is all because of my parents’ blessing. For me every day is mother’s day.

Delnaaz Irani
I think it would give her assurance that her kids, me and both my brothers, are always going to be together. Somewhere parents always feel that there has to be unity in the family, love among the siblings and this is one assurance that I would like to give my mom, to make her happy. She also wants to see me fit and healthy and this is one of the best things I can give her, so I am trying my level best to achieve those goals just to make her smile. She is one strong and independent woman. I would like to be a replica of my mother. I want to be an inspiration to many people like she is to many of us. Throughout the year I keep giving her things, so her materialistic needs are taken care of (jokes). On a serious note, I have always been a mumma’s girl.

Anuj Sachdeva
We have realized that with age and time, nothing really matters to a mother as much as the time spent with her, sitting with her and talking to her. My mother is not demanding at all. It’s been a long time since I have been living away from her. On Mother’s Day, the biggest thing that I would like to give her is to pay a surprise visit to her in Delhi and spend time with her. She has never asked for anything, she loves the fact that we sit together, she loves feeding me food with her hands and that’s what she looks forward to. That’s one thing she is always demanding from me. I will possibly be shooting in Delhi soon. So, on Mother’s Day I am planning to surprise her. When I used to sleep, I always used to hold her hand. That used to be the routine every night and that’s the fondest memory I have of my growing up years.

Namita Lal
I want to give my mother a tight hug and spend time with her over a lovely meal. My childhood fondest memory with my mother is enjoying our breakfast, lunch and dinner during our holidays. We both are foodies, so we love experimenting with food and I have tried various cuisines with her, like Japanese, Thai, Vegan etc. And, that’s what I am going to do with her this Mother’s Day too.

If I could give one thing to my mom it would be my time because that is the best thing she gave me as a kid and that is what made me who I am today. She is a great mom who led by example. My best memory of my mom is her doing everything with her heart— whether it was teaching me or playing with me or doing things to help less fortunate people around us. There can’t be one special memory with mom because she is made up of endless memories. How she goaded me to step out of my comfort zone each time and explore myself and the world more and more is the reason behind my success.

Samer Singh Dawar
It’s tough to be a mother and it’s even tougher when you are a single parent. My mother and I have been close and even closer after my dad’s demise and I have no shame in admitting that I am somewhat a Mama’s boy.
Apart from being my mother, she has been my friend and to be honest that’s how we treat each other most of the time. For me, I have numerous memories when it comes to her but if I have to choose, it would be that of my graduation week. Now this might not be a typical childhood memory but for me, the best feeling in life is when you can give back to people that are important to you and in this instance, my mother.
We were in London and I showed her all around the city. This was the first time in years that she met my friends, me having lived alone for a long time, had a chance to finally spend some quality time with her too. This was a week where for the first time in many years, we were actually having a holiday as a family. Both my parents in the past, have been working tirelessly without a break to support us and hence we never got a chance to go out for a holiday for more than 10 years or so and this burden of working has been even more, when the entire responsibility came down to just 1 person.
Now my mother, she knows she can be a kid around me and I can be open and honest in front of her myself, that’s what our foundation has been, moreover, she was having a carefree time away from all the responsibilities for a change and hence, my job was to spoil her as much as I can which I actually love to do because overtime I realised that having married in a very young age, her childhood was cut shot…
As I said before, it has been a tireless journey for my mother working everyday to support and sustain my dreams and that of my sister’s. Everything that I have achieved or will ever achieve, is due to her and if there’s anything that I truly desire to gift her, it would be a retirement, bringing her to live with me in a house that I build and basically bring that “carefree week” back for her, for the rest of her life. I don’t know when that happens but I know that it surely will.

Sudhanshu Pandey
If I could give anything to my mother on mother’s day I would give her health and happiness always and long life you know that’s what I would wish as a son for my mother. She should just be happy healthy and live a long life