Munisha Khatwani’s friends turned up to make her birthday bash special!

Munisha Khatwani turned a year older on September 18. The actor, astrologer and Tarot card reader celebrated the day with her loved ones, while the latter did everything to make the day special for her. The only person who missed the private bash was Munisha’s fiancé, entrepreneur Sameer Thakur, who is out of the country at the moment.

“It was a small bash as I couldn’t throw a lavish party because of the limit on people in a restaurant or any event according to Covid-19 protocols, which should be followed,” says Munisha, who shares having “missed Sameer” and would probably have a small celebration when he returns.

Among Munisha’s friend circle who turned up on her big day. The names included Hansa Singh, Mansi Verma, Neha Mahajan, Nisha Rawal, Nyra Banerjee, Shashank Vyas, Shakti Arora and wife Neha Arora, Adhvik Mahajan, Kishore Shahane, Ssumeir Pasricha, Delnaaz Irani, Mehul Nisar, Percy Kakkarya, Tanaaz Irani and Bhaktiyar Irani, Charrul Malik, Rishina Kandhari and Harsh Vasistha.

Actors Vahbbiz Dorabjee and Mansi Verma were the first ones to arrive and Shashank Vyas was the last one to enter. Munisha jokes that she is happy that he managed to reach in spite of a lot of the traffic.. “We had so much fun. I received a lot of gifts too… I feel birthday is one day when one must pamper oneself because living in the present is the right attitude and of course your happiness matters the most. The feel good effect that we have on our birthdays makes us really happy,” adds the actor, known for TV shows, Raat Hone Ko Hai, Purab Ya Paschim, Apne Paraye, Fear Files: Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein and Survivor India-The Ultimate Battle. Munisha is an A list tarot Card reader whose parties are talked about every year.