Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 22 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj let his companions know that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where he is going however going not even close to home. Kabir advises Uma and Manu that they can come to remain with them at whatever point they need. He lets Uma know that he is her child. Madhu lets her better half know that her sibling is giving an open greeting to steal from him. Uma tells Katha that Kabir and his family love you so shower love on Kabir’s loved ones. She requests that Savitri excuse Katha’s slip-ups assuming she does any. Bhushan and Tony attempt to stop Yuvraj yet he doesn’t tune in and leaves. Tony and Bhushan stow away from seeing the vidaai of Katha.

The pandit says another custom is left that the sibling of Katha should push the vehicle. Uma and Manu look on. Kishore and Devraj push the vehicle as Katha’s siblings. Uma and Manu cry seeing the vehicle. Yuvraj figures Kabir might in all likelihood never excuse him assuming that he learns I’m the person who undermined Katha. On the way, Kabir lets Katha know that he neglected to get her gift. Katha lets him know she gets the gift. She shows him the cake of commitments she organized with Kishore’s assistance.

Katha guarantees him that she won’t let her previous influence their fresh start and will accompany him as his help. Kabir inquires as to why the fifth commitment is unfilled. Katha folds her hand and says thanks to him for the love and regard he gave her. Kabir tells he did fir his adoration. Katha says I can’t perceive I can adore you in your manner however I guarantee you that nobody can isolate us as my spirit associates with you. Kabir gets profound and embraces her. Kabir tells her he will sit tight for her affection in his entire life and these commitments are a precious gift.

Yuvraj ponders why Kabir loves Katha along these lines. He yells saying he can’t confront his sibling. Kabir brings Katha home. Katha asks is it his House. Kabir says it’s their home. Savitri says she got one more girl and attempts to invite her. Kabir asks where is Yuvraj. They say they don’t have the foggiest idea. Kabir chastens them for not dealing with Yuvraj. Kishore says he isn’t a youngster and he will come. Savitri says he missed every one of the capabilities and we can’t stop this Grah Pravesh. Kabir says he knows where he can get Yuvraj. He asks Katha for consent. Katha concurs. Kabir goes to Yuvraj’s place. Yuvraj believes assuming he tracks down reality.